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Ouch - Rob's 160km/h highside

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by robsalvv, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Yesterday at PI, due to very slow traffic, I took a not properly planned inside line on turn 12... yes, you may slap me on the back of the head... but only after the bruising has healed.

    According to my on bike instructor (who was following me) and the punters in the pits, the off I ended up having was a spectacular launch and crash. The instructor, Shane, estimated 160km/h when launched. According to my learned friend, VTRELMARCO, that would have been a "well manly" crash. Taa Mark.

    In light of Taz and Lenna, I'm a lucky bugger and very grateful and thankful to be here.

    So... Once I got my visual on the exit of the corner, I realised that my line was not a good one and I was heading to the outside of the track. In my efforts to correct my situation, I finally got my knee down [woooo -er- hoooo], but now I was at max lean - I'm sure a more skilled rider could have recovered by tightening the line even more... but not me. I couldn't get the bike to turn more.

    The edge of the track was approaching, and up ahead was the ripple strip beckoning like a mirage in the desert. For a second I thought I could make the ripple strip and then have half a chance at surviving my corner set up error... this was not to be. While still holding lean angle, the bike and I diced with the white line and with the ripple strip just ahead, the front wheel fell off the tar and into the dirt. Before I could say WTF, I was launched.

    I remember a moment during the arc of flight... when I was above the track, roughly horizontal and facing forward... the thought "this is going to hurt" flashed through my mind. I also recall closing my eyes just before the impact and hoping for the best. The right elbow and hip took the initial impact. They are bruised and very sore. The elbow has bad carpet burn/grazing. The rest of my body has a multitude of soft tissue bruises... there isn't a limb or body part without an ache this morning. Manly crash it might have been... but I'm feeling like a 70yrs old man today.

    The sensation of tumbling and being a passenger of momentum and kinetic energy is an interesting one - all your worst amusement park thrill rides in one - without the thrill. When the kitty litter finally pulled me up all of a sudden, I lay there for a few seconds marvelling at the day light and then was flooded by an overwhelming sense of relief and dissapointment. Before I attempted moving, I sent bewildered and sad mental messages to each of my limbs who all announced their functioning status with a "why the f*ck did you do that for" message. Indeed.

    The gear held up surprisingly well. No stitching burst on the leathers, but they are pretty well scruffed and scratched. Helmet is a throw away. Boots are re-useable.

    The bike is a mess. There's another thread about the damage and WTF to do.

    There are a host of lessons, but two critical ones were brought home to me.
    • Every error that occurs on a bike has a visual error just before it - my attention was on the traffic and not on visually setting up for the corner.
      If committing to a high performance corner without the full picture (either fully seen or imagined), you are rolling the dice.

    Track day junkies, this stuff is a lot of fun, but will hurt when it goes wrong. Don't take anything forgranted!

    Please raise a drink towards my valiant bike - for she is indeed hurting and prolly wont see the road this season at all. :(

    Where it happened:

    The bike:
  2. Aaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  3. Glad to hear you walked away from that one, pity about what you have gone and done to your bike tho.
    On the bright side, it will make for a great track bike.
  4. Shit! :mad:

    God, I'm sorry to hear about this Rob. :( Luckily, you're ok which is the important bit. :)

    Still, it must be dissapointing to put the old girl out of action again so soon. I guess Dim's Virago's looking appealing again. :)
  5. Shit sorry to hear about your accident. At least you ok.
  6. Geez rob, glad to hear you walked away from it....pitty about the bike, and happening at the start of summer, sure you will get something worked out.

    If there is anything i can do to help (except borrow my bike ), just ask.

    Cheers stewy
  7. Glad you are still OK to be able to post.

    As you pointed out, bikes can do plenty but the rider is the one who decides its fate.

    All the best for a speedy recovery and hope you can save the scoot.
  8. oooch...you have me nervious now for my track day coming, glad you walked away with only a few bruises, that's the best part of track days because if that was on the road things would have been a lot worse.
  9. damn, damn, damn ..... but you're ok :)
  10. Ouch.

    What sort of safety gear did you have on at the time and how did it stand up??

    Good thing about it going wrong at a track day is there aren't too many things to hit and help isn't too far away when it goes wrong.

    Good to see you hobbled away from this one.
  11. I was one of the people witnessing it from pit lane. Casey would have been proud that's for sure. Glad you're ok.
  12. Know the feeling all too well Rob after my crash at PI back in April. I too was travelling at about the same speed, being Turn 8, and I too high-sided and launched. The landing was a bit more painful than yours, pretty much shattering my entire left shoulder, but the rest of your description of the sensation of being a traveller left to the whim of kinetic energy is right on the money, including that final realisation that you've stopped, and for one brief second, looking up at the sky and in a strangely serene fashion appreciating the beauty of the planet Earth before reality and pain rip you out of that moment again.

    For me though, I faired much worse than the bike, which just slid and aside from scratching, had very minimal damage.

    My advice for repairs would be to pay for it yourself if you want to be someone who can gain insurance again.

    For me, if I crash at the track, I accept that as wholly my fault and my responsibility to pay for it. I save my insurance for anything untoward that happens on the road, because that's when you'll really need it the most.
  13. ...seems my other thread in "general", specifically about the bike damage and what to do about it and the insurance options has been pulled or moved to holding for reasons that baffle me. I genuinely considered it a general topic rather than a repairers forum topic.

    This and the other thread are related but really focus on separate issues.... :?

    Anyways, if it doesn't return, I'll be asking my options questions all over again here - in the "track days" forum...

    :) Genuine heartfelt thanks for the concerns and well wishes. :)

    I share these kind of stories not for the noteriety but coz I consider this a community, coz I know my pain will be shared!! and too share the lessons learned... Frankly, three such stories in one year is three too bloody many!!!

    Cathar, I actually share you're philosophy about the track. 95% of my riding is on the road and that's where the insurance is really needed... I'm well ahead on the mortgage and it's now looking at me in fear... I actually thought about your prang during the course of the day... I'm thanking the other gods I obviously haven't offended, for keeping me in one piece during the ordeal... i just hope I've paid enough penance to the biking god I did offend!

    When I feel better than an old man, bike shopping and/or self funded repair may indeed be what is included to the Christmas shopping errands.

    As regards to gear, I was wearing my Shark RSX helmet, generic brand (CER2) road/race gloves armoured gloves, Alpine stars SMX boots (top boots!), Alpine star S-moto one piece leather suit - modified to include sliders, and an underdog leathers back protector.
  14. Ouch Rob's 160km highside

    Oh No.... :shock: :shock:
    Not the precious.. :evil:

    At least you are OK...things could have been much worse.......

    Speedy recovery hon......as for the damaged steed.....summer is nearly here...you need to get back on those 2 wheels ASAP! :grin: :grin:
  15. jeez, Rob, you seem to have cornered more than your share of bad luck lately :cry:.

    Good to hear that you've done no structural damage to yourself, and, again, a tribute to good gear.......
  16. Phaaaaaaaaark...

    You got your knee down? Awesome!
  17. WOW!

    Glad you're OK, pity about the bike, but you really were looking for an excuse to upgrade weren't you........... :cool:

    Kwaka will make a very nice track bike too :grin:
  18. Glad ur ok mate!
    Had a few people slip around turn 12.
    Just remember God was looking over u there!
  19. Bloody hell rob glad your ok, dont you like your bike anymore :shock: you seem to be havin your share of adventures with it and by the look of it the poor think will be relegated to the track from now on.That a shit load of damage to be fixin for the road :cry: Hope you heel up quickly :grin:
  20. You crack me up bro.

    Z900 - I love my bike... I've just spent fruitless hours searching for another one just like it... there's one in S.A, NSW and QLD... none in Vic. :( Some nice 9R's about though.

    Triway, upgrade to what mate???? There isn't a better road focussed comfy sports bike in the market... [/flame suit on]

    R1, I'm sure my mother would agree with you.

    Appreciate the well wishes TG and Hornet. TG, still planning on seeing you in fine form in Tassy... with or without my bike.