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OUCH!! My Spine! Give me your bike Deyago

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VtrElmarco, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. After a ball tearing, hair raising run up through Poatina and into the lake country, we stopped for lunch to boast how fast we were and refueled our depleted adrenalin glands. Gearing up I said to Deyago,

    “Dirty bike swap?â€

    A sly nod was the only answer I received so I entrusted Deyago to the worlds brightest motorcycle (Lemon Yellow Aprilia RSV 1000) while I slung my leg over his pre VTEC VFR800. After the torture rack that was the Aprilia, the big red Honda felt like a comfy armchair, albeit a fcuk1n’ fast one. We took off and punted the bike though some fastish sweepers off to Bothwell, taking time to get used to the different steering, handlebars and cup holders.

    First thing I noticed was that the VFR was a lot softer, but in a good way. Bumps REALLY upset the Aprilia where the Honda just flows over them. But despite the softer suspension, you can still really feel what the bike is doing. Steering is also quiet sweet, due to the extra leverage from the slightly wider, higher bars, but it is by no means a sit up and beg BMW rod up your arse posture. No need to hang off like you need to do on the Aprilia to get it to turn (I do enjoy looking fast though…)

    After jumping off the Aprilia, I was a little disappointed by the power delivery. The motor revs very nicely, with no flat spots to speak of but I am just used to the instant punch of my big v-twin. For Christ’s sake Honda, just put a 1000 cc gear driven cam v-four into this chassis and create the world’s greatest motorcycle and be done with it. I don’t want to sound like it was gutless, because that is far from the truth, and Deyago would later embarrass some far faster, more powerful sports bikes though some open sweeper country. Yes Mr “one piece leathers R6 riding poofâ€, I am talking about you…

    The brakes were also very good, but this red VFR owner has blinged his up to West Coast Rap proportions, so they bear no resemblance the stock items Honda would give you. Top work but I will leave him to fill in what he has done in the brake department because the list is endless.

    Gearshift was typical Honda smooth, but I prefer the Aprilia’s shift due to the complete lack of any linkages making for very precise, positive gear changes. Both have there distinct advantages.

    Well I enjoyed my longish stint on the VFR, and I know realize why they are such a popular bike and an excellent choice for upgrading. You could do a million miles in a day on it and still have enough energy left for a celebratory beer and shag that night. You can punt around racetracks and not embarrass yourself against faggy Italian sportsbikes. You can drunken squid to the bottle shop and load up a carton, six pack and bottle of wine with ease to the enjoyment of all party goers.

    It does everything.
  2. Nice write up Mark.

    And now a word from our sponsors - The Aprilia Mille has with out a doubt one of the finest engines this hack couch-pilot has had the pleasure of punting. Powerful, immediate and smooth, plus it sounds mucho horn baby. It also has, with no word of a lie, a converted Spanish Inquisition tourture rack that doubles as the rider's c0ckpit. The longish reach to the low slung bars and the high pegs just weren't my beverage of choice. I've discovered I just don't dig the racer-boy head down bum up pose anymore and found it difficult to find a comfortable position. But that's cool, that's why Aprilia made the Tuono :twisted: . I was glad to get back on the VFR to stretch out although I didn't have the tools to do a sly engine swap.

    The VFR on the other hand is made to chew up big chunks of miles and leave you with the ability to walk and see straight afterwards so the ergos are pretty good and just this side of "sport"over "tour".

    Admittedly it doesn't make the power that the Mille does but it''s only got 781cc and 102hp and torque in the low 50's ftlb. With a softer tune to allow a tractable and broad spread of power you really need to be over 7-8 grand before it's getting the best out of it.

    It'll never win a drag race with the Mille or Robsalv's ZX-9 rocket but it has enough to keep you in sight, expecially in corners where it's mega stable and fairly flickable. I agree with Mark on the need for 1000cc, it's time Honda stop pissing about with that wanky V-tec and get back to making a serious kick arse motor to blow the likes of Triumph's ST back into the weeds.

    On to the upgrades Mark mentioned. I'm not one to leave well-enough alone, I like to tinker and enhance when I can. Besides the obligatory pipe and filter the bike has had both suspension and brake upgrades.

    The legs received Race-tech springs and gold valves while the standard shock was rebuilt with valving to suit me and a new Eibach spring. All work here done by Suspensions R Us. I have to say the front feels great but the old shock, even after a rebuild, isn't special, a new item may be on the agenda.

    The brakes, my pride and joy. Things were decidedly daggy towards the end of the standard line's life and were in need of serious improvement. I've opted for a full set of braided brake lines, all 10 of them, yes 10! I bought mine off British company HEL and they are a nice set indeed. They are a line for line replacement of the standard set finished in faux carbon with gold fittings, schweeet moite! I've also added Braking's super sexy wave discs as the old ones were only border-line with a p00fteenth of metal left on them. I went back to OEM pads after playing with HH rated sintered pads and must say they are just fine.

    The difference is huge, the bite, feel and power are all greatly increased and fade something only my jeans do. I recommend this as a VFR must-do upgrade. I've found a new ability to pull stoppies, albeit crap ones, with the new lines and discs installed.

    As has already been mentioned, this is the ultimate do-everything bike. It's comfy, quick and sure-footed. If those are three important factors in your bike buying you should give a VFR a serious look.
  3. ouch my spine..give me your bike deyago

    Well...I do believe I am due for a dirty bike swap...
    Note to self..stop getting drunk and hoing out your ride TG... :shock: :LOL:

    If your aprillia is as comfortable as you describe, you should feel right at home on the SP2 VtrElmarco... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    MotoGP it is then.....

    Good write up boys...
  4. Nice one lads. Aprreciated.
  5. Re: ouch my spine..give me your bike deyago

    Anytime Fleurster. I reckon the seating and suspension will be near on identical so you should be right as well. MotoGP it is then. :grin:
  6. Re: ouch my spine..give me your bike deyago

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Its passion..through pain..... :LOL: :LOL:
    Oh..my back....god I luv my bike.. :grin: :grin:
  7. Go the Thunder!

    We never did get to do the dirty bike swap did we? I think my bum was remembering the fun of the plank that passed as a seat on the Blade and was compelling me to keep on riding and not stop to swap!

    Who needs Sports bikes anyway. With Macchiato's at $2.41 they're not needed :)
  8. But I go pale at the thought of the price Macchiato's while on the back of the Fireblade! :shock:
  9. Ahhhh nice work on the write up fellers.

    As someone who was both infront and behind these gents, I can attest that they and their respective bikes handled themselves with aplomb on Tassie's roads! I guess as Motogp has well demonstrated, it's not about straightout power, it's about power delivery.... and both bikes appeared to get their power to the road well... mind you, my 9R was head down arse up enough without going to Elmarco's chiropractic practice loving erg's... and just about the perfect sports tourer position without going to the VFR couch or Tuono meer cat possy.

    I wuvs me bike.

    Any reference to the ZX9R being a rocket ship (more like a rocket barge in comparison these days) is appreciated :)

    Cejay... you must have an absolutely squirrel's grip load of strength in those arms to be able to support a $2.41 macchiato on a naked bike! Go bro!
  10. Ah yes the bright yellow screaming thing that went past me at one point.
    I can attest to the quickness of all the aforementioned bikes as they were all following me at points during the trip.
    Still remember Neon Boy hoofing through road kill corner after paying over $2.00 for that macchiato.

  11. Nice write up guys, thanks!
  12. I loved the noise that the single pipe on the Mille made. My bike isn't that quiet, but when sitting behind the Yellow thing, it was drowned out by the music coming from the pipe. Lurvely!
  13. Just in case any twinner *cough*, cejay, TG, Scumbag *cough* feels like a turn on the worlds fastest couch, let me know. I'm a dirty, dirty, bike whore and like 'em big :wink: .

    Actually Elmarko, after I get the sprockets changed to one down at the front we'll have to go for Round Two so I can get a second opinion on the new gearing. :cool:
  14. Anytime you want to take the old underhorsepowered old girl out deyago, more than happy for you to do so. :grin: :grin: You will just have to live with 30 horsepower less that is all. :LOL: :LOL:
    Would give me another opionion on what people think of it.
    :grin: :grin:
  15. You know what I think of it! Beautifully balanced, easy to turn, accelerates just so smoothly, I can see why they are rated so well. For a big bike it really handles well. Of course, watching Monsieur Scumbag ride the thing reinforces the point that horsepower is not the be all and end all...
  16. You're on my friend :cool: . I can see a Dirty Bike Whores ride sometime in our near future :grin: . Someone tell G! :grin:
  17. I have done nasty things to Brother G's bike in my mind.
  18. Aprilia Viewpoint

    I also want to give a somewhat detailed account of how my 2000 Aprilia RSV Mille handled itself over 2200 kays of touring.

    First off, the motor. I have never ridden a bike with such an enjoyable lump of metal that provides such seamless, addictive power all the way to 10500 RPM. I have only hit the rev limiter once on this new bike, whereas my older VTR I used to bounce off it all the time as I felt it needed and extra 1500 rpm which is exactly what the big Aprilia has. The only slight drawback can be some slight jerkiness in initial power delivery when you pick up the throttle in a turn. The faster you go, the less this is a problem.

    Next the suspension. The bright yellow beast does not like chopped up roads at all. The smoother the better is the call for these tightly sprung Italian thoroughbreds. Several times I was chasing the front end over undulations in the tight stuff, but give it a smooth road and you can really whip these bikes through them. I also tucked the front badly over a bridge lip at a buck thirty but after a big moment, the steering damper did its thing and off we went. It will positively destroy fast open sweepers but you have to put in a little bit of effort in for some nice rewards. You can’t just sit straight and just counter steer. They just won’t turn fast enough. Hang of even a little bit and the bike transforms into a razor sharp scalpel. The suspension for road riding is something that I am going to have to tinker with.

    The brakes are also phenomenal and two finger stoppies are easy. Just enough bite, and plenty of power. There are also braided lines throughout as standard.

    Well Deyago, AKA “The Giant Pussyâ€, complained about the ergos. Truth be told, they are pretty bad but I didn’t really have any problems till about day 4 where a little incident I caused to myself off the bike was definitely worsened by the bikes posture. Up until then I was okay, but after, I needed some tender loving care from Brother G to finish the trip. There was also a line up to come see me in pain and poke sticks at me.

    A couple of other points to note is that these bikes can completely shred a rear tire in a week of solid riding. My rear Metzler Sportec M1 disappeared at a frightening rate, so much so I had to replace it in Hobart. There was chunks blasted out of the shoulders, and the rubber went off on the way to Hobart. Here’s hoping a Pilot Power lasts longer, but the front is also well and truly shagged. I need to up my entry speeds on some corners, but being a coward, I prefer to fire out of them using the bikes horsepower. It leaves such a sh1t eating grin on my face, I just can’t help it.

    Luggage facilities are pretty pi$$ poor, but I only packed some underwear and a credit card and relied on the kindness of strangers to prevent me eating cold road kill, naked under bridges by the side of the road.

    All up I am pretty happy with my purchase but I am thinking of a change next year to something orange…
  19. Re: Aprilia Viewpoint

    Giant Pussy aye :wink: ? Would everyone like to know how Sunshine Boy hurt his widdle necky wecky? Our hero here was out taking his morning skippity skip with a couple of side bends when he pulled a muscle in his neck :LOL: . Who said exercise was good for you? The Hard Man couldn't ride his bike for a whole day and ate nurofen like smarties for the rest of the trip :p . Man up damn you! :p :LOL:
  20. Re: Aprilia Viewpoint

    When I finished typing that paragraph, I thought to myself "This may come back to bite me on the arse"