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Ouch my foot!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guy's, not sure if i've posted something similar to this before but I have just been thinking about it again lately.


    Now i'm not saying i like thinking about feet but i have had a taste of what it's like losing a bit of mobility through sport accidents and more recently(not so recent, like 6 months recent :wink:) having a 200+ kilo motorcycle sliding whilst on top of me.

    My main point here is the wearing of boots. I'm not having a dig at people who choose to squid or not, (please don't make this i squid thread :roll:) I have just over the years noticed that people who conform to ATGATT (including myself in the past) have neglected the lower half of their bodies. Namely the wearing of regular jeans and boots. I know the thought process, you don't have your vital organs below the waist. We all know it's a flawed logical process but it helps legitimize the behaviour.

    When I came off, I was wearing a pair of Alpinestars touring boots, regular jeans and my wet weather overpants. Needless to say the overpants saved me from gravel rash as the thin layer worked to save the jeans for that second on the ground...but, as i slid with the bike, i could feel my body getting twisted due to my foot being caught underneath, I came out alright, a sprained ankle and a hairline fracture that''s seen me miss lots of training and unable to run for a good 6 months. and lets not forget the specialist appointments :grin:

    Now for the point, I was wearing boots, i often used to trade the boots for runners due to the comfort and feel factor. My boot had a chunk of leather torn out of the front where the toe sits. If I were wearing street shoes I probably would've lost a toe and copped some damage to the leg too.

    I bought race boots after this and have never ridden without boots or at least hornee jeans. For the ATGATT guys, I know you lot wear it because you don't like the idea of permanent injuries and time off work so maybe more of us should be considering boots more in our gear selection.

    Anyway, just thought i'd throw that in there for some of the newer guys that feel like a couple of hundred bucks for boots is a bit of a push. Just remember your feet and legs are what will get caught under the bike if it falls over :wink:

    <Serious person hat removed>

    now get out there and crank some wheelies! :p :LOL:

    With good shoes on of course!

    and don't take me too seriously, I know it's an effort to zip up the Sidi's for a run to the shops....wait a minute! :shock: No it's not! You just slide your foot in and pull the zip up! :eek:

    So no excuses! :LOL:

    Stay safe people, my secular prayers are with you.
  2. You may not "have your vital organs below the waist" but I have some things I would rather keep there! And yes boots are very important even if you are only wearing jeans.
  3. I wear a pair of cheap textile motorbike pants (CE Armour tho) over my work shorts and those cheap dririder boots on my daily commute. I'm almost waterproof, just need the water liner on the jacket. In winter I just throw in the thermal liners - not that QLD gets that cold anyway.

    I didn't suffer that much during summer. Even after sitting in them all day.

    Other lads who ride into work can't understand why I go to the trouble of boots/pants.

    One stat I saw was 97% of bike accidents caused injuries below the waist and only 57% of riders wore leg/foot protection.
  4. I assumed that ATGATT included reinforced pants and boots. You mean there are people for consider they are wearing ATGATT and only jeans and joggers or workboots?

    From having my Ls i've always ridden with draggins and sidi boots in addition to helmet, jacket, gloves. I like my skin where it is.

    when i saved up the cash I got armoured cordura pants that also zip into my jacket.
  5. Alright i'll make another thread "always wear your riding cup" :LOL:

    Yup, I've spoken to plenty of folks that take this approach. I don't like having a dig but I thought it might be a good thread to promote some self reflection. It's easy to get caught in the "i'm doing enough" or the "I can't be stuffed" trap.
  6. Sneakers are great for running...not so much for sliding along the ground at 60km/h with a motorcycle ontop.

    ATGATT for me means not an ounce of flesh exposed, or could be easily exposed in an accident. I imagine a sneaker comes off the foot very easily if you land on the ground the right way.

    Textile jacket, which has shoulder, elbow/forearm and back protection
    Gloves with steel knuckles (great if I ever get into a fight with a cager :twisted: )
    Draggin jeans
    Cheapie Dri rider boots, but they have steel capped toes and go up past the ankle so FAR better than sneakers
  7. I've always noticed that finding my feet after a crash is much easier if they remain attached to the ends of my legs. Big robust boots have allowed me to walk away more than once.

    As I've noted before, good lace up work boots, firmly tied are perfectly adequate if you can't afford the latest and greatest A*s.

    If I had to ride totally naked but for one item of protective clothing it would be boots. Closely followed by gloves. And the kevlar lined posing pouch of course :grin: .

    Trouserwise I'd never, ever ride in shorts. For all that they're now regarded as inadequate, even good denim jeans provide some protection (crashed in them too, and tumbled a fair distance). These days, though, kevlar lined ones are so affordable, there's not really any excuse. I paid $150 for my current pair. They're not Draggins and I reckon they're a better design. At least, eyeballing the area where my Draggins failed in a slide, the manufacturer seems to have addressed the issue. The label says Red Wolf Sliders BTW.
  8. Yeah, I really dont understand it hey. Bit tricky walking without feet. I did an ankle playing squash the other day, and its driving me nuts not being 100% on that foot.

    Another story to wear boots... My boss showed me some pictures of his only off today. Same deal as some of the stories above. He would have been stuffed without his boots. Managed to ride the bike home. No boots, he would have been laying in the ditch with the bike on top of him waiting for someone to help him.

    All I have to say about the 'can't afford them' thing is. You can't afford the gear, then you can't afford the bike. Its the same argument that I always used to hear on skylines australia and buying GTRs. If you can't afford to run it, then you can't afford to buy it. Simple.
  9. I'm under the impression that a lot of people have seen people wearing "regular jeans" (i.e. Draggins or Hornees) and get the idea that regular jeans will protect them just fine - they don't.

    As for my feet, I wear at least some ankle-high leather boots when riding around more casually. Usually something that's steel-capped, despite many people saying not to because you won't be able to feel gear changes.
  10. I happened to be at Victoria Motorcycle Wreckers earlier today. That place is very scary for a new rider.

    They have a nice little graveyard of pretty bikes as you come in. I think seeing them really puts shelling out $$ for gear easy. Seeing all the twisted and scarred metal and knowing that someone was on top before that happening makes you consider.
  11. Pqjuv7A. PqjuxCJ. PqjuA6S.

    This happened to me in a pair of Alpinestars SMX-4's at around 20-30kph. No boots would have equalled no foot. 2 x operations and another plate inserted over my metatarsals and I still have pain every day. This was over 18 months ago now.

    Wear your boots kiddies.
  12. Yes, please. As much as I wince about squids, they are obvious, and their stupidity is obvious. But I wince at the number of riders I see who think that a $600 jacket and an $800 helmet is great to protect the upper half of the body, but that a nice pair of Levis and spiffy pair of runners will do the same for the lower body as $1,400 worth of stuff will do for the top.

    BIKE magazine recently stated that a brand new pair of jeans will wear through to your skin when in contact with a tar road, in just .5 of a second; older washed jeans, even quicker :shock: And anything other than even the most basic of riding boots will either wear through, or get ripped off, in around the same time.

    Wear your boots, kiddies.
  13. :shock: :( Dougz, I rate your fall as a bit unlucky considering what others have written about when they've fallen off. Good luck in having the pain go away sooner rather than later. I hope my SMX-4s don't ever need to save me.

    As for other protective gear, I now wear articulated knee pads under my Hornees. It seems like they could twist around though after an initial impact. I think I'll add some leather riding pants to my collection soon since they'll zip up to the jacket.

  14. It was pretty brutal considering the speed but you have to remember, you can get slammed pretty hard into the bitumen after a bad case of tank slapper (by far one of the scariest things that can happen on a bike) or getting mushed into a car or guard rail.

    Punches don't travel too quickly and they can have pretty devastating effects on humans, just trade that flesh and bone for a piece of metal or rock flung at you at around that speed....painful? :wink:
  15. +1 ;)
  16. I 100% agree with what somebody mentioned earlier...if you can't afford the gear then you can't afford the bike. You're an utter cockhead if you go out riding unprotected or inadequately dressed, simple!

    The only time I 'downgrade' my riding gear is when I ditch the Dainese leather pants for a pair of Icon jeans...more practical for being out-n-about. Sure they'll save your flesh but that's all they'll do, so I'm under no illusions of being invincible.

    When it's your flesh, bones and survivability, then who cares about cost?! I honestly cannot believe that so many people are tight-asses with their riding gear (oh it's $50 more, or it's wasting the money, its too hot, its inconvenient, etc). Surely spending $2500+ on a kickass lot of gear is a bargain if it saves your life!!!

    I always made a point of ATGATT with the top-gear, and yes it saved my life a few years ago... Don't kid yourselves peoples, coming off HURTS, happens when you least expect it, and has long-lasting repercussions. How good or bad things are is entirely up to you!
  17. I think a point among many being made in this thread is that you don't have to spend much to get reasonable protection. So cost isn't an excuse.
  18. Especially boots, for goodness sakes. You don't have to spend $600 and try and look like Rossi to protect your feet and shins; a couple of hundred buys protection for all but the most extreme cases.
  19. Hmmmmm....yes there is some good gear at good prices, but like anything you will only get what you pay for. Fact. I'm not suggesting that anything short of $600 for boots is stupid, but you will find those boots will do a far better job of protecting you than say a $200 pair. Personal safety is something which I rightly refuse to cut corners or compromise on.

    Boot technology has come along in leaps and bounds...I've got a pair of A* GP-Tech boots which were the 'ultimate' boot back in the day, and when comparing them to my new A* SMX-4 boots, the thought of wearing them scares me! There is no lateral stiffness at all, it is too easy to break your ankle or foot, the toes are quite vulnerable, ankle cushioning is almost non-existant, etc. I know this because I tested them, and stuffed my right ankle...I dread to think what would have happened if I was wearing an inferior boot! :shock:
  20. with all that has been said here, I quickly cancelled my Layby for the Shift Fuel Leather Boots.

    Can someone please give me a suggestion? I was looking at the Berik GPX Boots or even the RJays Altitude Boot?

    Alternatively, is it worth the extra $180 or so to head up to the Alpine Stars SMX4?