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ouch - fell off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cosi, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. got hit by a falcon this morning right next to my house on the way to work

    had rollstarted and was coming back around a t intersection pretty much right next to my house and got hit on the left, failed to give way.

    a bit battered and bruised althought the front of the bike is a mess

    will head to the wreckers today or tomoz for front headlight mount piece, brake lever and a few more bits and pieces, i think my front discs are bent.

    there goes my savings D:

    ride safely and wear a helmet!

    (im also selling my bike, its on bikesales, $3200)
  2. Oh geez!

    Sounds like you come off ok though? No major injuries?

    I hope you recover quickly!
  3. sorry to hear about the stack mate, good to hear you didn't break any bones.

    in your description it's not 100% clear who was at fault. i assume you failed to give way as otherwise you'd be getting new OEM bits for your bike at the car drivers expense.
  4. If he got hit on the left then the CAR failed to give way om HIS right, surely?

    I hope you're ok, mate, what a rotten development.

    Get a medical check anyway, and fix the bike any way you can....

    Best Wishes...
  5. If the car hit him on the left, then it must have been the car's fault for failure to give way to HIS right.

    Hope you're ok, mate, get a medical check anyway, just to be sure...
  6. If it'a a T intersection Cosi was probably facing a stop or give way sign and pulled out in front of car.
  7. double post and wont let me delete
  8. there are give way signs there. (my fault)

    starting to get a bit sore now :p

    lots of people stopped which was good, ambo and police came. the police lady was good about it, the guy who hit me was a bit of an arse.

    anywayssssssss i will go and inspect the damage again :l
  9. geez, sorry to hear abou tyour off..... glad to hear, you are mostly ok..... like others have said probably wise to get checked out, if you need to make any future claims etc...

    Do you have 3rd party or anything to cover the other car, as it sounds like you are goin gto repair the bike yourself.

    Anyway best of luck getting it all sorted
  10. Bugger man!! Glad to hear you're (mostly) ok though :) [img:31:31:df1e01b07d]http://emoticons4u.com/cool/1245.gif[/img:df1e01b07d]

    Sounds like a low speed bingle. That was lucky! I guess you wont be doin that mistake again hey? Definitely get yourself checked out.

    ...BTW when you said you got hit by a falcon... I thought you meant the bird! :LOL: I was thinking, what are the odds...? But alas, not.

    Got any pix of the damage to bike and gear?
  11. [img:800:600:103d1893bd]http://users.bigpond.net.au/dspears/zxr.jpg[/img:103d1893bd]

    just a few scuffs on the gear

    anyone got a list of numbers for wreckers, just tried EMW they dont have any of the bits. streetfighter time
  12. Hi Cosi,

    Good to hear you are ok.

    There is a motorcycle wreckers a few doors down from Stevo's workshop in Ringwood. Not sure of the name though.
  13. It's a good thing to hear your ok, but before you head down to the wreckers make sure you spare some money to sink a couple of beers... that'll make the pain go away. :)
  14. Glad to hear you're okay, shame about the bike.
  15. Hope all heals ok including the bike.
  16. dude that sucks :( goodluck with healing both you and the bike, but sorry i cant help you out with local wreckers. http://www.southerncrosssports.com/ in heidleburg stock parts for your bike though.
  17. hope your ok and the bike doesnt cost to much to fix