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Ouch... dropped on the Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DRMAT, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. I thought about starting this thread with a.... "I got my knee down on the Spur!..... just a pity the rest of the bike soon followed."

    So much for a nice days riding. Had finally managed to get four of us together that have been trying to organise a ride for ages, my first long ride with three experienced riders and my wife following us in the GTI.

    So we met up, went up through the Reefton Spur to Marysville for some brunch... only two sphincter tightening moments on the way there but otherwise really good, had a good rhythm going... one just misjudged the braking with the sun flashing in my eyes between the trees and the other was the bike getting a little unsettled, or so i felt, just i was going into a right hander that i had to stand it up and try again. That slowed me a bit and made me think a bit more about what i was doing and i was soon back into the flow again. I should note that i wasn't trying to keep up with the other three through the twisties as they left me behind on their 1200, 800 and 750! Had a coffee and a bite to eat... stacks of bikes in Marysville this morning!

    Set off again, stopped at some trout farm and had my first dirt/gravel riding experience... that was interesting and can't say i would be venturing onto the dirt again anytime soon!

    Set off again down through the Black Spur... was going great and i was enjoying it much more than the Reefton as the road surface is much better and a bit wider. About halfway down, around a slight right hander i had one of those n00b moments where you just think "Sh!t i'm going too fast!" even though i wasn't going very quick really.... rather than doing the proper thing and tipping it in a bit more and holding on i made the stupid mistake (should know better) of grabbing a handful of front brake, standing the bike up but heading for the armco then as i had almost washed off enough speed the front wheel hit the leaves on the edge of the road and that was it... slowish speed low side *sigh*. Not a huge amount of damage, just pulled the indicator off, bent the rear brake lever a bit and the bugger was i scratched every piece of fairing on the side. No damage to me other than a grazed knee, and not a mark on my Draggins or jacket. Had one cager stop right away and ask if i was ok before my wife pulled up and gave me a hand to lift the bike up. HUGE thanks to whoever the rider was that was going the other way and actually turned around and was coming to see if i was ok until we gave him the thumbs up. Thanks anyway mate!

    In hindsight i realised that for some reason around right hand corners i was freaking out a bit (maybe the earlier unsettling moment?) and i was watching the corner right in front of me instead of looking around the corner... and also looked where i ended up crashing. Once i was consciously looked far ahead again i didn't have any real troubles the rest of the way down and back through Kinglake. Still nervous on the corners but I know what i did wrong so i guess i just have to get that little bit of confidence back.

    Bike didn't clean up too bad considering, indicator reattached, will bend the brake lever back and while lots of the fine scratches polished out the deeper ones were covered reasonably with a permanent black marker :grin: Expensive weekend but at least te ride was good apart from that little incident!
  2. Glad to hear your ok and the bike is relatively fine. I had that exact moment last night on the way back from a friends house. Too fast into a corner and kept the brake on standing the bike up heading for the armco. Got away with it though noob mistake from a noob, but i learnt my lesson. At least it sounded like you had fun.
  3. Get a new brake lever, they are only alloy and bending them is not good, fatigues them.
    Is your life worth a new brake lever?

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Yeah i wasn't going too fast for the corner was what annoyed me... it wasn't even a sharp corner... a brain fart episode i guess :grin:
  5. hmmmm, brain fart you say?.....interesting :LOL:

    bad luck about the oops mate, you arent damaged, so could have been worse.
    every rider i know prefers to corner left or right. its just one of those things.
    dont be discouraged by the gentle lowside, and remember the shoulder of the road is not for riding on!!!
  6. For what it's worth, most of the traditional late-summer Netrider accidents seem to be being low-speed low-sides, thank goodness. Good to hear that you had the confidence to ride it home, DRM, and that you can fix it up relatively easily... better next time, OK?
  7. Well a broken one would stop him making the same mistake again :grin:

    Wow, such a bugger your wife knows! Never hear the end of that one... reckon you're in the clear for an upgrade when the time comes?

    That's gotta be the scariest part :)

    I think we naturally dislike moving our weight to the right of the bike as that's normally oncoming traffic.
    Turning the bike is ok, but throwing your noggin towards the oncoming cages is a genuine fear you need to be conscious of - you DO have less room for your line when you can't put your head over te centre-line and this can stop you getting max lean, depending on your posture.

    Practice, practice, practice - and consciously get your centre of gravity off the bike :)

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks guys.... yeah i'll def grab a new rear brake lever... didn't really think of it that way before, just figured bend and go.

    I was trying to figure out why i don't seem to like right hand corners aside from the oncoming cars but i didn't have much of those today, part of it was for some reason on RH corners i just didn't have my eyes in the right place i know... but as i said the corner where i came off wasn't difficult or sharp and i'd been around much faster and sharper corners all the way up the Reefton etc on the way there. LH corners were a breeze, leaning, slow, fast, didn't matter, i had the confidence in them. Weird.

    Now i just need the Haitian dude from Heroes to wipe this event from my memory so it doesn't mess with my head next time!
  9. I think there's another factor in RH corners that people don't consider. Yes, you don't want to get too far over to the centreline due to traffic, but you also don't seem to want to get too close to the edge of the road before entry (or I don't for some reason). Maybe this is why there is another factor with right handers, poor entry and mid corner positioning. f those two are wrong, then obviously exit position could be wrong too.
    Mind you, I still fell happier winding on more power in right handers than left handers, so who knows???

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Sorry to hear it. This is a chance to belt the message into your head though: NEVER GIVE UP. Keep tipping that bike in, it WILL turn harder.
  11. :WStupid: Who am I too disagree with a fellow Kwaka rider, :grin:

    Bad news about the off mate, but the good news is, it's a lesson you were able to walk away from
  12. Glad you are only scuffed up dood. Bet ya the missus was a bit :shock: shocked whan she came round the corner and saw you looking a bit worse for wear.
    I've had a target fixation moment like that on a RHC aswell. You learn to get all your braking done before a corner after a moment like that. I trail the rear brake a bit on roads that i'm not sure on. Comes in real handy when you've cooked a corner entry and you just give a little squeeze and your turning radius tightens up just nice.
  13. Bike is repariable. good to hear you came out O.K.
    sounds like you learnt from it, so not an entirely wasted excersize...
    Just don't make a habit of it.
  14. Good tips guys.... all stuff i normally think of... but for some reason didn't... and Loz's NEVER GIVE UP was something that has been stuck in my head since i started riding! Pity i didn't apply it when it mattered!

    Typhoon: Yes that's definitely got to be a factor as well. You be happier winding on more power in a RH though because generally you can see further through the corner than a LH. If its a tight LH you have very limited vision around the corner, a tight RH you have a whole extra lane to see through the corner.

    Jace: Yeah the missus (who had been behind me all day just about) funnily enough got stuck behind a car several corners before and so couldn't keep up and told me when we got home that she thought she got stuck behind it because she wasn't supposed to see something happen. I'm sure she would have been more upset if she'd seen me go down rather than come around the corner as i was already trying to pick the bike up.

    I had no problem getting straight back on and riding because i already knew in my head exactly what i'd done wrong at that point so aside from being nervous still on RH corners i can't say i was shaken at all and quite enjoyed the rest of the ride. More annoyed at making several stupid mistakes.

    Thanks for the support guys.
  15. Thats good to hear Doc. You learn, & reduce the chance of it happening again
    when you know what the error/s were.


    BTW why your wife following in the car anyways? :roll: :LOL:

    If she wants to follow, tell her to get her own bloody bike. :p
  16. Question?

    We're you able to see around the whole corner? or was it a blind corner where you couldn't see the whole corner all the way around in front of you?
  17. Shame about the drop but glad to hear you just came out with a scratch. Bikes can be fixed easy enough, you cant (spares are hard to find).

    Great to see you know what went wrong and got back on right away though.

    I done the black spur / Reefton on Friday and i was shocked i didn't come off from the loss of balance! I was going that slow that i was letting cars pass! LOL

  18. Major Bugger about the off.

    You've had some pretty good advice.

    Welcome to your learning curve and (regretfully) welcome to the club!
  19. Good to hear there was no physical damage to yourself. :grin:

    I hate it when i come into a corner with a good amount of pace not too much, but enough to make it interesting and it's like i chicken out of the corner, apply back brake, realign, etc. When i just should focus through the corner and tip it that little bit more. Only happens once every few rides, but enough for me to focus on that part of my riding.