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Ouch at Winton

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AdzA, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. This is from the last superbike race at Winton today.

    Didn't see how it happened but Jamie Stauffer wasn't looking to well afterwards.

    Thankfully the medical team was quick on the scene.



    Cheers, AdzA
  2. comments edited -

    Please have respect for riders that are involved in an accident. A bible basher like you should show and have more compassion rather than having fun at other peoples expense.

  3. who was the second rider ... I notice there are two bikes crashing in the picture, and one rider riding pass (quietly chuckling to himself)
  4. The kerb on your left as you come out of that corner at the top of the old back straight has caught many many riders over the years.

    RACESAFE has certainly raised the bar for medical support at all forms of motorsport events in this country over the years.
  5. Looks to be two blue bikes, both Stauffer boys?
  6. nah,its bugdens gixxer.allerton was involved also..everyones ok,stauffer was knocked out but is alright..