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Other toys besides the Bike..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by houls, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Hey guys as my cbr is currently my commuter to and from work (due to bloody petrol prices) i thought i'd ask if anyone else has another toy in their garage.

    My weekend warrior is an 02 SS ute putting out around 280kw at the wheels. Its a lot of fun to drive. :twisted:





    What other toys do you have.??

    Post em up :grin:
  2. guess you fav. colour is red eh? :LOL:

    nice ute btw
  3. Seksy toys there houls, although I don't see a cbr600rr as the epitome of a cheap commuter :D Very nice though.
  4. Best hoping the mod/admin that removes the pics after the third leaves the link so we can still see them :) Or *cough* the OP edits the thread to conform to T&Cs :)
  5. Get over it
  6. Does not get much use in the winter though.


  7. On behalf of undii: "I will if they will :roll: "


    Mah toyz:
    My car - 2007 Mazda 3 SP23
    My 4WD - 1986 Toyota Hilux [253 Holden V8 + LPG conversion]
    My bike - 1993 Yamaha FZR250 3LN
  8. 000_0339.
    Heres a few of my toys :grin: Only kwakas and fords in my play pen :p
  9. 200589102641_mr2.

    Edit: Oh and I also have a 1986 Alfa Romeo 33Ti (which I'm willing to sell if anyone's interested ;)).
  10. no pics but I have toys in my garage galore :grin:

    some include:

    My Honda VT 750 Ace
    My Yamaha TTr 250
    My Volkswagon transporter dual cab truck
    6 surfboards and wetsuits of my own (I won't include kid's)
    a couple of pushies
    My sprint Kayak and paddles
    Old surf ski
    Photographic equipment
    Fishing rods and lines
    beer fridge
    16 ft aluminium boat and 40 Suzuki outboard(at mums at sussex inlet :grin: )

    A boy with toys is always a happy boy!!!

    I want to add:

    Yamaha fzr1 (please santa!! :LOL: )
  11. Nice Haines Caz. Might get another boat when we move back to the coast. Actually thinking about building one.
    For car related fun I use this:

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. [​IMG]

    Apart from the bike, that's it...that and the internet.
  13. Ahh! New throttle grip for the VTR finally came, eh?
  14. Got a Jabaroo tinnie out the back too, the signature for the bay,
    the tinnie for the rivers :)
  15. USB Powered? :?
  16. My other toy until a few months ago.




    Still have my YZ125, RS125, BMX and Surfboards though!
  17. FANGtastic!
  18. img45bd66029f180.

    (The camera and grip)



    And a few other lenses. Use it for shooting gigs for FasterLouder and my own shots as well. Hopefully going to be upgrading to a K10D soon, and a Tamron 28-75mm as I've all but destroyed my 28-70.
  19. My other toy is a 1995 holden rodeo spacecab.


    Which got defected for being too low.


    Current mods:
    - Lowered front and rear
    - sits 1cm off bumpstops in front
    - rear has a notch installed in the chassis to allow the rear end of the car to sit on the ground, with 20" wheels, reset springs, and 4" lowering blocks.
    - tinted windows
    - paint and scratch and dent clean u (still work in progress)
    - Quite a large stereo for the cabin size :D
    - pimp ass PA system that makes cow and sheep noises amongst other things.

    future mods:
    - booked into DW customs this morning for a Front, Back, Side to Side (FBSS) airbag installation which will allow for the car to sit the chassis rails on the ground flat, front to back, but still be able to raise up so i can drive it (mainly so i can steer, back can just drag along :p )
    - full shave of the car inc door handles, relocarted fuel filler, side indicators, roof channels, relocated tailgate handle, rear roll pan and frenched number plate box.
    - new exhaust (as you will see in pics below, its sitting on the diff)
    - relocated fuel tank, so it doesnt bust open on the ground.
    - possible engine lift.

    Car should be back in the road and defect cleared by mid september.