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Other than bikes......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. ...what is everyone interested in???

    I know everyone is on this site because of their love of motorcycles but it would be interesting to know what everyone enjoys doing when they are not riding.

    -Watching Movies
    -Watching Sports
    -Online Gaming (Not so much ATM)
    -Doing stupid things with stupid friends (Usually while drunk)
    -Going on trips (Roadtrips/Weekenders)
    -Internet/Forum Nerd
    -Listening to Music (Late 80's & Early 90's Rock/Metal)
    ....Probably so many more things but i can't think of them right now,

    Can you tell i'm bored :LOL: :p

  2. rum :grin:

    oh, and boobs..... rum and boobs :grin:
  3. Raves/ Clubs (Hard trance/hardstyle) :shock:
    Motorcross riding :grin:
    Movies :)
    Coffee :roll:
    And anything else that sounds interesting to do :eek:
  4. Married with small kids now, so anything involving them.

    Things just for me
    - Fishing
    - Bikes
    - not so much drinking anymore
    - making money.
  5. http://community.webshots.com/user/sleddog107

    This is a few of my favorite things to do .
    Snowsking /boarding.
    Jetski touring and racing.
    Im the.. New rider liasion for the Austrailia jetski association.
    And motor bikes.

    BOOBS are good too

  6. -Working out at gym
    -Dancing (hip hop and break)
    -Music (spesh trance prog. house, vocal house/trance, happy hardcore, and a bit of everything else)
    -watching movies
  7. hmm

    Making love with my husband :oops:
    hanging out with close friends
    bikes bikes bikes
    forums lol
  8. Pseudo screen Jockey
    Listening to AC/DC and the Beasts of Bourbon
    Cultivating and appreciating Cymbidiums and Palm Trees.
    Travelling to the various corners of Australia and New Zealand.
    Ballroom Dancing
    Lunching at the Club with the Chaps
    Fine Dining in the evenings
    Cruising in my Bayerische Chariot.
    Attending the Church of the Desmodromic Fundamentalists
    Dark Belgian and Couverture Chocolate
    Grinding up coffee beans.
  9. Hmmmmmm

    I'm sittin here with a glass of irish whisky, reading about bikes and listening to early american blues, Muddy Waters, Big Jo Williams and Pine Top Smith.

    so that's my three B's,

    Booze and
  10. Music -trip-hop, funk, metal and hardstyle..so pretty much everything except country
    Coffee as well...ohhh yeaaah
    Going to gigs/clubs
    xbox on cold lonely wet winter nights
    Subway - i could and do pretty much eat this stuff everyday
  11. My wife and little boy
    Bikes (the pedal variety - both mountain and road)
    Playing Bass

    ...too many toys, too little time :(

  12. Weightlifting
    Anything that gives me that squirt of adrenalin
  13. spending time with partner
    cars/bikes - touring
    DRINKING with mates
  14. My wife - (Boobies)
    Archery (havent met Eberbachl yet though)
    Soccer (can't play anymore)
    Reading - mainly fantasy stuff
    Celtic/Scottish history, culture and religion.
    Music... lots of stuff. Mainly celtic and older rock ie Deep Purple, Pink Floyd.
    A good single malt
    Cooking - anything based on Curry or Chilli is best!!
    Computers and IT
  15. Boobs, mainly.
  16. Fo' Shizzle.
  17. Fiance and 18 month old son
    Cars (Ford fan :))
    Watching sport mostly cricket and motorsport
    Computer games and other IT stuff
    Listen to music (Metal, Alternative, Electronic... pretty much anything that's not pop, country or opera)
    And download lots of tv shows from overseas, i.e. Top Gear, Fifth Gear, Lost, Family Guy, American Dad, NCIS, etc...
  18. And very Civilised it is too... :LOL:
    As well as those I'll include good Bluegrass, Cajun and Irish music
    as well as Rock and Roll (OK Hornet - Jimmy Buffet as well :LOL: )

    And Cricket (watching these days) and cooking (and eating :roll: )
    and Italian cars - but no Alfas left and I'm selling the Fiat so that's probably out...
    and reading.

  19. Hmmmm.
    No particular order (other than riding my bike)...
    -xbox and puter games
    -British comedy (mostly downloaded)
    -Sleeping! :)
    -Growing herbs
    -Clubbing (Breaks, DnB, Hiphop, Prog, Minimal + tech house)
    -taking photos for clubbing website
    -body noises LOL