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Other road users vs. Learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Donshe, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Just thought Id post a topic up lokoing to see how other new riders have been treated by cars.

    Personally, my first ride was with a couple of other bikes, and even when I stalled, I wasn't hassled and was left to do my own thing.

    However, on a later ride alone, I stalled again, (later found out my L plate blew off) and the car behind was incessant even after i waved for them to go around (pretty empty roads)

    What sucks most for me is my bike only has a kick start so it takes me a few seconds to get it going again : :oops:

  2. yeah, when my friends were first learning (first week or so) i'd drive behind them to keep traffic off. Unfortunately when i got MY bike, none of them had a car. First ride was in a very quiet rd/carpark... then i went onto public roads with a friend (also on her Ls) and no one hassled us when we stalled/went slowly/did something stupid :grin:
  3. Some people are good. But 80% were ar$ehats to me when I was on Ls.
  4. Haven't had any hassles yet, except for one guy who was beeping at me for waiting at an intersection because a Police car was coming through, lights and sirens going. Stopped beeping when I turned around and pointed at it, looked quite apologetic the moment I turned around, though I think his wife/GF in the front seat was giving him an earful :p
  5. I find most drivers to be great.

    I too, ride a two stroke & sometimes stall, I'm getting used to the bike now & it happens alot less, if I stall, as soon as I get it started I give a little "sorry for holding you up but thanks for being awesome about it" wave & we're off.

    I did notice, on my first ride though, back from the shop, I didn't have a L plate up & got the brakes too quickly & got tooted at, but that's the only abuse I've copped.

    Oh, other than the moron tailgating me the other week & laughing about it.
  6. Back in the days of me learning i had people over taking and under taking me mixed with ALOT of tail gating and they wonder why i give them shit now. :grin:

    If cars are giving you too much crap, its best to ride in a group and have someone behind you to take care of all that.
  7. I find that everyone thinks they are faster than me. Theres a onramp onto the highway that becomes 2 lanes, then 1 (go figure). Every time i go onto it the car behind me swaps lanes like hes going to overtake, but im just as fast as him (and im taking it easy, still running the bike in) imagine if i gave it stick.

    My stalling story-

    I was at the lights and a van come into the left lane (which ends right away) so going along with the whole "people try and overtake me" thing i think ill give him a run for his money, he is a VAN. Anyway i drop the clutch too fast and stall, clutch in, cant find the start button, look down, hit it, give it way too much revs, out goes the clutch, up on one wheel and im off!

    Fun, kinda scary, but fun.

    Ive stalled a few times, never been beeped, never been cut off (Well no worse than when i drive the car) So its been alright.
  8. Donshe, well done for getting out there! Can be a scary place. When I was just starting out (1st week or so) I found people were incredibly patient with me stalling and wobbling. But then as I got a bit better, when I did muck up they'd toot and tail-gate, etc. I think the main difference was that I was consistently bad at the start, so they predicted me stuffing up and either chose to give me space or scoot around.

    Then once I took my L plates off, I was tail gated a lot less again. I think a lot of cagers like to intimidate learners (bike or car) to make themselves feel big and clever. I'll pull in behind a learner car driver and back off to get the big-noting d!ckhead off their tail. Hate how they do that. Like it's not hard enough out there.
  9. Unless you filtered up to the front then stalled (that would annoy me too...), then it is a bit of an over-reaction. Unfortunately the road is full of cranky wankers though, and I would imagine a Learner driver would have copped the same. The last thing a learner needs is intimidation on the road.

    Don't let it faze you mate. Try not to get too flustered when it happens as that is when accidents will happen. It's not gonna be the last time you stall it.....
  10. Lol, me filtering? Man, I have a tough enough time keepign it together on empty roads !

    But yeah, in the instance of the dumbass lady driver, I just pushed myself to the side so she could have her precious lane all to herself.

    My starts are pretty smooth now, sometimes I get over anxious and rev to much and "launch". Other reasons for stalling include leavign the choke on, and poor gear selection when coming to a stop.

    Lol, I suck, haha

    Going for another traffic rdie in a bit, will report back on how much abuse I cop :D
  11. It's the trucks that scare me. I can be riding along the h/way doing the speed limit 100km/h, then all of a sudden a truck is up my exhaust pipes. Now l always look in my mirrors while riding just to keep an eye on behind me but those buggers are moving (speed limited my hairy white butt)
    But in the end you just have to keep cool, when they get a chance they will over take and be somebody elses problem.
    Dont let a few bad eggs ruin your ride.
  12. I found that most road users are pretty considerate to Learner Motorcyclists.

    I did a couple of runs in a 80km/h zone with my huge L-Plate at the back of my GPX last weekend, though I was driving less than the legal limit on a single lane, most of the cars behind me gave plenty of space...didn't feel any pressure to go any quicker at all. :grin:
  13. Donshe, if you want someone to ride with send me a pm, im up for a ride anytime and only over at campbelltown. Im on my Ls as well but im very confident on the bike so i dont mind blocking traffic and stuff like that if you have any problems. My bike is at the shop at the moment, was misfiring all day long on the ride on sunday but still made it. Was reading up about the problem and there is a common fault, slide holders on them drop when warn and cause the exact problems that i had so i hope to have my bike back on friday afternoon.

    Dealing with d#@kheads on the road....... well i use to let them get to me and really fire up which can make things worse or even dangerous but now i just laugh to myself so my advise is to just keep cool and concentrate on what you are doing. If they keep giving you crap find a suitable place to pull over and let them go but remember you have every right to use the road so dont put yourself in a dangerous place on the road to let them pass.

  14. Excellent Advice Russel i have been riding for over 30 years and so far have managed to survive because i learnt to adopt just that attitude touch wood LOL
  15. I get a lot of tailgaters, but generally they give me some space after they cop the turn around stare down.
  16. I generally have found that the majority of road users are considerate of learners. I have been driving for 20 years and like to think that I am very considerate of learners, both car and bike. The majority of learner drivers / riders are concentrating 100% on driving safely and generally have a "white knuckle" grip on the wheel / bars, it only takes 1 inconsiderate d1ckhead to intimidate / frighten a learner and they can easily freeze up, this can be very dangerous / deadly.

    Since I have been riding the bike I have only had 1 problem with silly young P plater driving his "done up" VN commodore. He and his mate in the passenger seat thought it might be fun to sit 2 metres of my arse and continually back off and then speed up, flash the lights etc. I gave him every opportunity to go around me (I was sitting on speed limit).

    He got the surprise of his life at lights when I dismounted, walked over to the drivers side window, lifted the visor, he suddenly realised that I wasn't a 17 / 18 yo learner that was going to take his crap. I politely told him how he could have ruined both of our lives, and those of our families if he had of hit me. I informed him that I had his registration number and would be making a call to the "hoon line". :LOL:

    He suddenly had a very red face and was most apologetic :wink:
  17. Ive also found that most people are pretty good when it comes to learner riders.

    On the other hand ive come across a couple of total morons as well.

    1. A car load of young girls (that bit i didnt mind :wink: ) the driver on her P's and she was in and out of traffic behind me then undertook me only to cut right in front of me and stop 50m down the road to turn right. I pull up beside her and her friends, i look over, shake my head at them thinking you wont live very long driving like that. They all quickly turn the other way pretending they didnt see me! :LOL:

    2. Some complete knob jockey in a Holden Kingswood was sitting at the lights waiting for them to change so i pull up in the left lane beside him. Lights go green, i take off and half way across the intersection (big intersection) he veers over into my lane cos the lanes veer to the right half way across and he cant seem to line up the two lanes ahead with the ones we were just in! I have to stop at the lights another 20 or so meters ahead and before i hit the brake i look in my mirrors and here is this wanker half hanging out his car window abusing me and sitting right up my arse. I stop, he stops behind close, so i move up a little, he moves up and all the time still going off. I really felt like getting off the bike, going up and head butting him and then explain in a calm manner that he was in the wrong and was going off about nothing or something he had done wrong. Anyway i just took off and turned at the next street just to get out of his way.
  18. I had a few a$$es doing things like cutting me off, undertaking in the same lane, tailgating - stuff like that. I didn't really have too much of an issue with stalling, fortunately, but I had (and sometimes still have) that whole hitting neutral instead of 2nd gear thing and I've found people to be relatively forgiving which is good.

    I've since come off my Ls and I've found a lot of confidence came with that - maybe just because I'd proven to myself and the instructors at ridersafe that I was a capable new rider with a long way to go, but a lot of potential :) I was fairly nervous on my first l-plate-less ride though - people don't expect stalling, hitting neutral and other "learning" type incidences.

    I have to say though, I haven't had any problems since coming off my Ls which is a nice change - admittedly, I have a new job and have a different way to work on the bike so it could just be the people ;)
  19. Sorry to go OT for a second, Jamie - do you have a yellow / gold helmet or a yellow coloring on it ?
  20. Tailgating was my biggest gripe. I found that most motorists saw the L then kept their distance. The rest were wankers who wanted to intimidate.