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Other Motorcycle Forums!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by freaktown, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. I love this forum and am not trying to take away from it at all, its just i have noticed the majority of people on here are Victorians!

    As i am in sydney i was wondering whether or not there are other Motorcycle forums around that have NSW sections and what not! so i canmeet up with sydney people!

    Thanks for your help!

  2. give www.ozsportsbikes.com a shot, those guys are all over australia. they're mostly based in QLD, but they do have quite a few rides going on in both NSW and Vic.

    there are a lot of nutters there tho, so if you dont like a bit of stunting fun, then you might want to steer clear. not that everyone there does it, but pretty much everyone loves it :D
  3. ride a sportsbike??????
    try this.... for an Aussie sportsbike riders club
    lots of members in Sydney (most are in Melbourne atm for the GeePee)
    their DNS isn't working atm..hence the funny addy!

  4. Heya,

    I'm also a member here;


    They have sections for each state and we regularly go on rides days etc. We just came back from a QLD meets NSW ride :D

    Lisa :twisted: :p
  5. All we gotta do is get more people from sydney to join in on this site, spread the word that netriders are the best! Problem solved! :D
  6. james ,
    you will find you have the forum that is home or state based and also forums of which you like the people on .
    its not unuasal to be on 10 differant ones , but you will have 2-3 main ones that you visit regulary.
    overclockers is good for bike stuff , rides in your state , good bunch of people too

    but just because we are mostly victorian based , dont forget to get in here , they are a good crew and helpfull , no matter how mant k's away you are.
  7. nutter nutter are you calling me a nutter ok then :D yep check OSB I'm in Sydney you shuld head out on our monthly ride or any other for that matter :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  8. Hey! When did you stumble in Ian. Welcome mate :D

    Stew (falommc)
  9. figured I'd give it a fresh look its been a while since I have posted over here

  10. Fair enough. You'll find the usual suspects around :p

  11. come on mate, no point denying it is there now :wink: i reckon it would be easier to count the OSB members that ARENT nutters :LOL: do u use the same name on OSB? i'm sure there is a yellowvtwin over there.....
  12. yep I use the same on all forums I post in all 8 or 9 of them but ya gotta admit forum full of stunt nutters is fun
  13. And there is also aus.motorcycles a Usenet newsgroup.

    In case there are those here who aren't familiar with it, Usenet is a text based medium where you subscribe to different forums using a newsreader such as Forte Free Agent, or even MS's Outlook Express, if you're desparate.

    Messages are downloaded to your PC in one hit where you can them browse, read and reply offline if you so wish, and upload replies later. Or do it all live online.

    aus.motorcycles has been around since the early 90s, when it was mostly inhabited by uni students and staff. Today, it has an audience that is national, and international.

    It's my prefered medium, due to its simplicity and speed of browsing and searching, particularly for replies to my own messages. But, web based forums are fast taking over.
  14. aus.moto was once a great place to meet people.
    It quickily turned to shit with spammers.
    At one stage I had to re check to see if it was in fact a bike forum or a dickheads hangout.
    There was virtually (no pun) nothing constructive to read. Not to mention the abuse....

    I decided that it was in fact the latter and gave up reading it.
  15. While aus.moto has its share of smart arses, I've not noticed the spam since running a filtering proxy program called Newsproxy, formerly Nfilter. It allows you to run it as a front end to your news client, and when you set your filters, it looks at the headers. You can filter on anything that's in the headers, such as x-posts, x-ref, nntp-posting host and so on. My main filters are on x-posts that go across more than two groups, and certain ip addresses for known posters whose content I don't wish to download.

    As for actual aus.moto content, what does start off as a bike thread, can quickly turn to one full of allegedly pithy comments. And I assume a lot of them are in house jokes, given that a lot of the participants socialise with each other outside of the 'net.
  16. Were not all nutters in OSB :p
  17. yeah, not all..... but you are :LOL: :wink: