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Other M/C Forums?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Arthur Roland, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. What are some other Motorcycle forums people here frequent weather it be Aussie based or International?

  2. looking for other forums? Blasphemy - I'm a member of an American one now though for the shiver
  3. Adventure bike types swear by ADVrider.

    I've got some useful Suzuki Bandit help here: http://www.maximum-suzuki.com/forums/index.php

    Most of the other fora are more specialized, though: IMO NetRider is the best general bike forum.
  4. I believe you will find a list here
    and here

    But what you really want is this one
  5. I'm on about 10... NR most frequently though - I don't post on all of them though.

    Google is your friend if you're looking for another place to hang out Arthur.
  6. You use your mod powers to delete other peoples 'off-topic' posts yet you abuse your power and derail members threads?

    Hypocrisy much?
  7. I rest my case
  8. Arthur, are you going to make this a thread about forums or mods?

    Those guys posted as forum members. Get a grip.
  9. not a mod in this area so post as a fellow user don't like it Arthur then the door is over there---------------->
  10. u should rest alot of things
  11. Are you looking for a particular type of forum or brand of bike or whatever?
  12. Plenty of bike specific forums around.
  13. when there is stupidity to be held up to scrutiny, I cannot rest
  14. I took the question seriously at face value and tried to be helpful. Given all the various other recent history with Arthur it would have been easy to assume this thread was a veiled 'I'm taking my toys and going to another forum', but why assume the worst? There are likely to be other riders and readers who will get value out of thoughtful recommendations for other relevant forums.

    So let's hear 'em.
  15. aslong as you think you're cool
  16. I agree Bravus.
  17. Bravus is correct - most other forums seem to cater to specific interests - e.g. specific bikes or riding styles. Netrider is amazing and I have never seen another forum like it on the net - very active and there is something for everyone here, whether you're new, experienced, street, dirt, dual sport or other. The community aspect of Netrider is what sets it apart I think.

    ADVrider is a pretty good resource / forum for adventure riders, alot of KLR riders also like KLRWorld and KLR.net. I see alot of the same people on multiple forums.

    Victorian KLR riders should check out the Victorian sub-forum on KLR.net. There are some good people in the Vic KLR clan.

  18. i frequent ozsportsbikes a bit

    the topics are obviously sport bike related, but generally it has some good info.

    I find that there arent arguments and nitpicking on osb like there is on NR as well, which is a plus
  19. I belong to a Wollongong-based group. but it's only really of interest if you live and ride in the area...