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Other bikes in my lane....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by SamuelJensen, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Had a near miss a few weeks ago as I was coming to a stop at some lights. I was the only vehicle approaching the lights and so I went to zag across the inductor loops so that I wouldn't be left sitting at a red light until a car turned up(I was told this helps, it seems like it can make a difference). Just before I went to do this another motorbike zipped past me at high speed and stopped a short distance in front. I don't think the other guy realized how close we came to an accident. Had what looked like a nice new cbr1000rr as well, it would have been a pity to have that messed up over something so stupid.

    Just this weekend I was riding over the westgate bridge in the left wheel track of the far right lane when I get passed by another bike doing around 130kph in the right wheel track of my lane. Whats the deal? I often change position within my lane for various reasons, and it pisses me off that other motorcyclists are putting me in danger by doing this sort of stuff.

    What do you guys think? We always complain about car drivers but these two are the only examples of stupidity I've dealt with in the past couple of months.


  2. It happens. More often than not on litrebike riders with singlets or t-shirts :)

    Unfortuantely you get idiots in any demographic. Just keep an eye on the rear views.
  3. You will get a range of opinions on this.

    You ain't going to stop it, so just keep an eye out and prepare.
  4. Spot on.

    I split/filter/shmilter etc when going to work and will blast past any rider that leaves me enough room.

    Having said that though, I ensure that they know I'm there before doing so.

    Some riders out there need a rocket though, they can't split for shit yet stay crawling in between the cars refusing to move over so we can carry on splitting ;)
  5. Personally I believe This is the trick, Pull in behind them match speed fro a moment or two so you are not committed to the pass until you know what is going on, and they have time to realise you are there, then make the pass quickly and efficiently.

    An other thing to consider if you know there are other bikes around, is a quick flick of the indicator before you swap from one wheel track to the other, I do this when I am riding with groups, just to be sure
  6. Make a habit of quickly head checking if you make changes to your position in a lane.

    I was told that at the MOST.
  7. i have let some of the guys whom seem quicker then me pass and then i end up on their ass for the next 5min doing the same thing to them....

    splitting is a deadly sport when the ingredience are mixed incorectly!
  8. If I see a bike coming up and they are going faster then I can / willing to I will move to the far side of my lane.
    Mainly so they have room and also they know that I know they are there.

    Just like if I am splitting and someone is catching up I will move across if I can and let them pass.

    I just dislike it when they rip past and warp 3 in my lane when I am somewhere near the middle of it. But oh well
  9. I split up in the middle on my vtr 250, had an ninja 250 split up the left, look me over, then proceed to pull directly in front of me at the lights, revving his engine and doing the "I'm pretending I cant see you" routine.

    Was he EVER pissed when we took off and the vtrs low down torque soundly spanked his buzzbox all the way up to 80 (the speed limit).

    No way to avoid people like this really though.
  10. This is the way to do it. My problem was never that they were passing me in my lane so much as they were doing it without me having a chance to realize they were even there, and therefore putting me and themselves at risk.
    I guess I should be paying a bit more attention to what happening behind me as well.
  11. If it's happening to you on more than the odd occasion, may be you should be checking your mirrors more frequently?
  12. I had one catch me by surprise the other day. I was heading out on to the Pacific Hwy near the F3 entrance. A small road pops out on to 3 lanes of traffic that is often a little chaotic with people merging or figuring out at the last minute they are in the wrong lane.

    I had checked my mirrors as I slowed up and saw a car coming to a stop behind me. In order to get a quick start into a gap in traffic I positioned my bike on quite a diagonal (blue line) and was watching oncoming traffic to my right for not only a gap in the near lane but also for reasonable assurance that someone wasn't about to change out of a turning lane and into the lane closest to me.

    I had been stopped only for about 5 seconds when I saw my gap and went to accelerate. Since I was positioned past the foot path and had looked down the path to see it was clear when I stopped I had little fear of a pedestrian or push-bike coming from my left.

    Instead, much to my surprise and almost to the point of collision, another bike had split past the stopped car behind me and was also in the process of splitting past my front wheel and out into the lane as I set off. (red line)

    Collision was avoided more through good fortune than good management on anyone's part, thankfully I hadn't picked a gap that required me to give it heaps and I was pretty upright when I had to jump on the brakes. To their credit they did acknowledge the incident with a wave that I took for an apology. Sometimes shit happens, I wasn't too cut up about it, but I wasn't impressed.

  13. I would like to add to this conversation.

    Every day i ride from Berwick - South Melbourne and back again via the Monash - i split and when i approach other bikes i sit behind them so i am in line with there left mirror so they can see me. I give them enough room so see me however i would estimate that 30% of the time they just sit there in between cars and don't allow others to get around.

    Most people do though let me through with a wave and i always acknowledge other riders on the road when i pass them regardless.

    funny thing though it is not always the scooters who are in that 30% it can be any rider who does not bother to check his/hers mirrors and are not concentrating on there surroundings.

    That is how accidents happen - car or bike ... bugger that!
  14. That you should check behind you before 'zigzagging' at a set of lights.
  15. this isnt splitting but filtering, i will filter at the lights at a slow pace because i have had more then 1 car move over to block my path (I guess they feel that we are taking something away from them and slowing them down) but once we hit the front we will always be quicker, i know up here in sydney we have the bus lanes to work with therefore filtering is needed at every intersection but when it is needed i take care, and once i hit the front imove right over to allow anyone else who is coming up behind me room to get in
  16. when i split i always give a quick glance in my mirrors n a quick head check to make sure no ones there, indicate if i need to chance lanes before going up the middle. i can't say ive ever had an idiot spilt stupidly near me though.

    the other day though, had a guy come up behind me, pull in next to me ( i always pull to the side, in front the car at the front), say gday, so i lifted my visor n noticed the ciggy he had, lit n all :LOL:
  17. I had a d-head blast past me on my lane ( i have no gripes with sharing lanes , but he did it very quickly)

    so i decided to do it back :LOL: with the clutch pulled and throttle pinned while i passed him back :LOL:

    yes I'm a d-head :roll:
  18. Have had a few bikes go past me in my lane, generally if it is a straight portion I have no problems, although I need to check my mirrors etc more often as I tend to zig zag on straights sometimes and bikes have been a little too close for comfort.

    However, my gripe is with those who go past me in my lane during corners. Retarded, imo, especially as I tighten up and then ease back out of it. But you can't really do anything about it except keep an eye out around you.
  19. I was under the impression it was an accepted practice for bikes generally to ride together in a single lane approaching/stopped at lights. This happened to me several times so I am always mindfull of other bikes at lights now.

    The other biker probably would of been very surprised if you suddenly zig zagged all over the road. Its like following a slow old person you gotta be extremely careful because they can suddenly change direction