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[OT] Windscreen Cost

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cam77, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Anyone have a rough idea of what it costs to have a windscreen replaced?

    The car is a Daewoo Cielo. Nobody seems to have the info available on their website

    Ta :)

  2. Around $200 give or take 50 depending on the car and where you go as a general rule. :wink: :)
  3. Cool, thanks. Wife thought it iwas going to be an $800 job, but I knew it wouldn't be that much (O'Brien just confirmed the price for me - $270 fitted on site)
  4. I've got a CIELO too....
    great zippy lil cars I say.
    I haven't had an ounce of drama with mine.
  5. On the contrary, we have had a number of "Cielo moments" :?

    When my wife bought it, it was advertised with aircon. Even has a button. When it was in for a service, she asked them to check it coz it wasn't working that well. The mechanic had a look and said, "Luv...you don't have aircon"

    Month or two later. Old BF driving it. Scraped the entire LHS on a parked car.

    Clutch cable snapped midway down Parramatta Road. Hmm that was fun trying to drive in heavy traffic!

    Last year. Had a major oil leak that stuffed the top end, major major $$$.

    And now the windscreen.

    But we love our Cielo.