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[OT] What company car have you got??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. This little banter between myself & Hornet600 in the Rider Down in Sydney thread got me thinking about company cars.

    I mean if the company I work for made me drive a Hyundai I'd find a new job :p

    I've had a VS Commodore ute, Hiace van and a couple of VT Commodore Wagons as Company cars over the past 7 years and but since I was tricked into an office job ("Can you work in the office for a few months" and that was two years ago) I'm stuck grabbing pool vehicles for site visits. Things like (automatic) BA Falcon Wagons & the like are all I can get my hands on for a run to Lorne or Apollo Bay :cry: although the Nissan Patrol 4x4 Wagon was fun to drive on a few back roads for one visit out west :wink:

    So, ignoring personally leased cars that you can choose what you get, what has your company given you to play with.

  2. Having worked at a couple of minesites I've had the chance to play with Toyota Landcruisers, Prados, Hiluxes and a Nissan Patrol in the sorts of conditions most 4wd owners only ever dream about (fun when they're not yours :D). Also driven basically the full set of family sedans Falcon, Commodore, Magna and Camry - can't say I particularly enjoyed driving any of those though (especially with auto gearboxes).
  3. Toyota Hilux ute. But I don't get to take it home, though...

    At a pinch I can borrow the boss's SV6. Tried to steal the Boss Boss's Calais, but he arced up over that...
  4. co car...???
    debadged Commodore SS (its a near new white one)
    with HSV zorst, AP racing brakes
    and modified computer
    oh and
    ....manual gearbox of course 8)

    It goes very quickly around Phillip Is and Sandown.... :twisted:

    and of course work pays for fuel and tyres

  5. FORD XR-8 Manual of course ,and on sunnydays zx9 mmmm i new there was something good about selfemployed
  6. And some of the Leasing companies send spies out to check rego's on cars at things like HSV club days for just that reason :roll:
  7. In a previous life (army) I had an SS dunnydoor Ute to ply my contracts around the various Mechanical businesses in Albury/Wodonga/Wagga, and teh occasional blat down to sMelbourne

    Before then it was various versions of 1960's Series 2A Landrovers in various camoflage colour schemes :? Want airconditioning?, unbolt the window frames and throw them in the back, let the windscreen down as well.
    Even got a Leopard tank and heaps of APC's out for a few fangs on Pucka range, and more APC's out on the Singleton range (Now thats FUN!!)

    Since then it's been mainly pool vehicles... falcodoor's, Magna's, subby's etc the latest being a brand new dunnydoor wagon...
    I was pleasantly surprised, they actually managed to finally make a dunnydoor wagon handle reasonable well.. transmission is still a bucket of pooh tho' Not that the Falchoons are any better.

    I'd prefer my bog standard Subby wagon any day.
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  9. Mostly Falcon wagons, although I got a Kia Carnival people mover this time (too many kids for a 5 seater and Falcon no longer make the 6 seat centrefold bench version).
  10. A bloody Camry. Auto as well!
    You should have seen the bosses face as he handed me the keys, he was loveing it.

    But hey, free is free.

    Go the Camry 8)
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  12. Got to cruise round in the brigadiers v8 caprice the other night on duty :D

    On the friday night gone i was asked to help escort someone home after a blue and they gave this young bloke the keys to it cause the other cars were out... Poor bastard had no idea how to drive and got straight in and backed it heavily into another car :shock: :shock:

    Geez i woulda hated to be him that night :roll:
  13. Why do things like this happen with greater frequency and degree of severity in the Army, Mik??? :LOL:
  14. Never had a company car...I don't even have a company parking space... :(
  15. Depends where I go. In Irian Jara I have a 2004 turbo landcruiser, In Sydney I have a new fairlane.

    Most other places I get to are Hire cars
  16. that sounds good to me!! 8)
  17. It's not a personal company car but the new high bandwidth connection consists of a Liberty GT wagon with an Apple Xserve RAID in the boot :p

    Quicker to load stuff on via gigabit network, drive it to the other site and copy it off again then it is to send it via any vaguely affordable internet link :LOL:
  18. no sweat
    ..done thru the staff master lease facility with the bank.... 8)
  19. Unfortunately I'm limited to Australian built cars (I really wanted the hot Golf :cry: ) but for various carrying lots of people around reasons I've had an Avalon :roll: .

    I'm picking up a new Camry Azura this week though with all the gadgets to play with :LOL:

    Living in Brunswick I wanted a physically smaller car so it wouldn't get scraped getting in and out of the garage :LOL: