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[OT] Web Hosting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. I have several, special interest, low traffic web sites that I used to have hosted by my son but he's unable to do it anymore. Does anyone know of some web hosting places that are worthwhile and CHEAP??

  2. I use BKB Internet for most of my stuff - www.bkb.net.au

    1800 252 638

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  4. Hi

    I've been using Canadian company Doteasy.com for a few years now. 20Mb of webspace (no CGI), 10 POP accounts, some scripting tools etc., all for US$24.95 a year which includes domain registration (.com, .org or .net).
  5. Just the thing we were talking about earlier, putting our business online . Any-one know what amount of space would be needed to host a business site? And recommend a web builder who is good.
  6. How big is your business?
    What do you need the website to do?

    As for a web builder, Amy from admm.com.au is awesome.
    Todd Bentleigh is another that does magic, Voyager is another, Jason Sinclair another again.

    Plenty of talent out there amongst the members. Just don't ask Glen to do your graphics and logos. His MSPaint skills are a bit dodgy :)
  7. Has a good turn over at the moment , but we want to increase our sales to cover for when we have kids. It's only function will be to sell merchindise , so it has to have all our stock up with a credit card function for transactions.
  8. Use paymate for credit card transactions then you dont need to set up a merchant account with a bank and pay crazy arsed fees :)

    We use to use smartyhost they were pretty good, 80, 100, $150 a year for hosting. Pretty good value.

    Cheaper again if you go offshore and use someone like parcom.net

    Plenty of options out there, just need to look :) Good Luck
  9. Thx Vic . We currently have it all through e-bay but pay around $600 in fee's a month , so thats alot of stock we sell (and a very nice profit for us to). If we can half that per month , better in our pockets :D .