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[OT] way to accept credit cards????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Duffman, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. does anyone know of a way i could accept credit card payments from clients without going to the trouble of setting up merchant accounts with my bank?

    OK i know of PayPal and Paymate but they have quite low limits on the amount you can put through on the credit card transaction.

    the problem is (and the reason a merchant account is not very attractive) is that i would have a very small number of transactions but the ones i do have would be for quite large amounts of money (ie many thousands of $).

    any ideas?
  2. Only way I know is to use someone like eway ( www.eway.com.au ) and to get a merchant account at a bank. Eway charges 50c a transaction I think. Sorry I can't help anymore, only experience I've had with CC# transactions + merchant accounts

    *edit* I'm assuming you meant online (web) transactions?
  3. sorry, guess i didnt explain that :oops:
    doesnt have to be online transactions. am happy for it to be online, but doesnt have to be.

  4. large amounts means merchant accounts unfortunately.

    It's to stop fraud.
  5. yeah i assumed as much Kaer.

    the problem is when i looked at it some time ago, the monthly fees were too high to justify when i will process so few transactions. Back then i just came to the conclusion that its easier to just not accept cards. guess the situation hasnt changed unfortunately.
  6. Why did you rule out Paymate? They will allow you to accept up to $10,000 in any month, and it would only cost you $170 in fee's to accept that entire $10,000 for the month (less fee's if your amounts accepted are less) - a lot cheaper than merchant accounts.

    Netrider uses Paymate and we love it. Their eInvoice facility is great too.

    If your only accepting a very small qty of transactions, then perhaps you'd fit within the $10,000 per mth? You could stagger your invoicing appropriately?
  7. Team up with an existing merchant?

    Have them take a payment and pass the cash (minus some fee for them) on to you???
  8. Could BPay be an option for you?