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[OT Vid] Young girl's life ruined, dreams taken away. So sad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Wow!

    I wish my parents were *&%$ing morons.
  2. Fundamental lack of the application of the rod of correction to the seat of understanding.

    In other words, the spoilt little brat needs a good belt!

    {Unless, as I suspect, it's all a set-up to provoke just that reaction :wink:}
  3. damn thats screwed up...
  4. what the hell....
    seriously, some kids really need a good crack with a wooden spoon.
  5. thinking like that brad she would sue you for child abuse, then get a court order avo and divorce you as a parent. Then make you via the court pay maintenance to her to the life she is accustomed... which by the looks of it is very hiltonish...
  6. How can you all be so heartless? Does nobody feel for this girl? It was her BIRTHDAY!

  7. Tell you what Loz, we will take the car and smack her upside the head and her mum as well for being so spoilt

    :grin: :grin:
  8. :jerk: set up :roll:
  9. I can't get the clip to play past 30 seconds :?
    I tried to load it again but it still only gets to the bit when mum first gives her the car and then stops :(
  10. Delete your cache, try again.
  11. Damn spoilt cow.
    You aren't missing out on much.
  12. aka "Refresh by hitting Ctrl-F5" on the page/thing you want to view.
  13. I feel sorry for her :( but I have a solution. :)

    I'll take the Lexus and give her my Commodore on any day she wants it. :)
  14. I think the mum is hot!!! :LOL:
  15. I've got a better solution.

    Beat the stupid little skank senseless for being such a spoilt little sh1t, then giver her a 20 year old sh1tbox instead.

    If she doesnt like it she can just go off herself.
  16. the blog refuses to run for more than 9 secs

    is that because you guys cant stop watching?

    the end bit pops up and i cant get past the bit where shes in the van.

    gab namit! :twisted:

  17. Such anger and bitterness, remind me never to complain to you guys when I lose limbs in a serious accident.
  18. ha ha!

    that's the best yet loz! :LOL: