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[OT Vid] Try this on ya dirt bike

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Man that is whats known as a perfect run. Serious skills there. I was a bit of a BMX demon in me days,led me too trailbikes, but man, NOTHING compared to those skills, :applause: thats one amasing ride. Makes the confest mono look a bit :? howzit going huh Loz :grin:
  2. The engine is missing.
  3. ...that dude just set the new mark for crazy life threatening shit! :shock:

    Skillz awright!
  4. Scott Murray already did try this on his dirt bike.

    Anyone go to the Unleash Hell Crusty Demons tour a few months back? He landed it in Wollongong and I think Melbourne (?), but I think he attempted and stacked in Canberra and Mackay.
  5. Is that the dude that got an invite to try the double back flip at the last X Games coz he had a post on youtube of him doing the double back flip?

    That guy stacked the landing at the X Games but came bloody close, still haven't seen the clip on youtube...
  6. I think it may be him, I remember a post on YouTube of him trying it at some huge comp, maybe the X-games? The Unleash Hell Tour was supposed to be the first time he had landed the double backflip, though on YouTube, you can see him attempting and landing it in someone's backyard track over a year ago. Actually there are a couple. He stacked in Canberra (I think?), and they had a shit load of safety mats for him to land on, but they didn't have mats off to the side of the landing ramp, and he fell off the side of the ramp. So at Wollongong, they had foam mats everywhere. Was insane, everyone went nuts. :LOL:
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    Yeah he won best trick with that double back flip but won't do it again at a live show with a dirt ramp to land on... give him a foam pit and he'd do it again (pu$$y) :p
  9. I doubt there's anything Pastrana wouldn't do given the right prompting.....