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[OT Vid] I find this very difficult to watch

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Some things I just can't handle. Watching people teeter off extreme heights is one of them. Years ago I nearly shat in my pants watching one of the Suade lads dangle his legs out off a rock overhanging a 10,000ft drop in Yosemite National park...

    And this video of a maniac pulling chin-ups as he hangs on a support strut of a crane on top of a skyscraper makes me want to crawl out of my skin. I could hardly watch the whole thing - but I doubt it'll be as effective on you lot:

  2. Heights freak me out too.. But I'm also sadistic so I make myself do rock climbing :rofl:

    My toes were curling.. and sweating!
  3. Balls or stupidity? hmmmm
  4. :shock:
    fcuk that !
    I watched up to the first chin-up before my guts started chirning.
    ..all it would take is one little slip up .. :eek:hno:
  5. Sounds like what a typical person driving a car probably says to themselves when they see someone on a mbike ride past.
  6. I can understand climbing up and strutting around on the structure but to then hang off and do pull ups is just insane!
  7. i secretly wanted him to slip
  8. Haha me too.. :twisted:
  9. They all have parachutes anyway, base jumping ftw?
  10. me three :twisted: :LOL:

    that was just nuts!! my guts were churning as soon as he started hanging from the structure... when he started doing chin ups I thought I was guna hurl :oops: if his fingers started sweating or a big gust of wind came :eek:hno:
  11. [-X [-X
    You fellas have a warped sense of humor.

    .. No wonder I feel at home here :LOL: :LOL:
    ok .. me four
  12. half dome, eh?

    not me!

    love yosemite. :)
  13. Bastard.
  14. I did a bungy jump in queensland a few years back.
    The worst bit is the take off when you are shitting yourself badly.
    As soon as you ar over the edge and falling all fear subsides and pure exhilaration takes over till you reach the maximum stretch and you spring back.
    My eyes went haywire for about a minute as they attempted to re focus.
    Soon as I was being lowered the girl working there had a low cut top and was helping me to get down by catching my arms and stopping the bouncing when I was low enough
    If anything helps your eyesight it is the view i had of her norks from a height of 10 metres hanging upside down :grin:
  15. This was taken about a dozen years ago now by my wife, who was totally freaking out at the time. It's in the Tatras mountains in southern Poland. It was really windy and this is me on tip toes leaning into the wind. There's a drop right under me of about 300 metres. It was quite a rush! :)

    I could have got a bit closer to the edge and leaned in a bit more, but I'm not a complete idiot.

  16. Have a closer look.
  17. ^yes. Only one has a back-pack, which may contain a parachute... or it may contain a bottle of water, some methamphetamine and a note saying "Hi my name is Billy and I have a mental disability. If I am lost, please phone my mummy or the police at the following numbers..."

    You'd have to know your level of fitness to drop down and do those pullups. It's all well and good to see how many you can do and then jump DOWN from a bar, but to do a few and then require the strength to climb back up above you - well, you want to get it right, that's all I can say.
  18. :WStupid: It'd be a lot different doing chin ups a few hundred meters from the ground, than it would 2-3 metres from the ground :idea:

    Was still secretly hoping he'd max out
  19. i love the music lol :grin: :LOL:
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    That doesn't look like a chute on the first dude.

    I was holding my breathe about about the 2nd guy... he looked like he didn't have it in him for another chin up!!

    I was hoping that first guy had a chute and it was going to be base jump... One of my goals is to get back into skydiving and do some base jumps... that would be the ultimate in cool :cool:

    If that made you gulp, check this 1930's video out... great highrise stunt, but put aside the bad acting and stereotypes as you watch: