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[OT Vid] Get ya shred on! Fastest guitarists.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Aug 15, 2008.

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  2. Good on ya, now I gotta go get a two piece feed and some wicked wings.

    Serious mad skills though
  3. Speed has just never done it for me, musically.

    I can appreciate the skill it takes, but if the greatest guitarist came up to me after a blistering performance and asked if I liked it, I'd say "Not really."

    Style and composition is everything, IMO - and far greater display of talent than a 12 minute wank-fest up and down the neck of a guitar @ 100 miles an hour.

    fastest != best

    [edit] OK, Buckethead creates an amzing sound from halfway through the video to be sure, but his opening solo is meh.
    John Petrucci isn't playing particularly fast, but hear how it sounds so good!

    That first vid MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO... what pure shit.
    Doesn't matter how fast you can run if you're going in the wrong direction.
  4. Do you suck at guitar hero?
  5. 6 more months Loz, and I'll smoke them all.
  6. :WStupid:

    Very skilled, bloody fast, but as something to listen to...meh.

    Oh and Michael Batio gets the award for the gayest looking guitar ever
  7. I do ok

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  9. haha yeah looks about right for me too, but with pool, darts, singing and walking
  10. Now now, just because it's all happening too quickly for some people to understand doesn't mean its musical content is worthless.

    Technique is like vocabulary, it allows you to express more complex emotional and artistic ideas. It confuses and annoys the illiterates but if used by an intelligent artist can convey just as much as a single soulful note to those prepared and equipped to listen.

    That's not denigrating slower, softer or simpler playing, either. And there's plenty of shredders out there way more interested in speed than ideas - building a huge vocabulary just to say "WAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO" - but there's a lot of depth to some of these guys and the more you learn about music, technique and playing the more you appreciate.
  11. and ten-pin bowling!
  12. Maybe bingo is for you, Chris. Just grow some fat arms.
  13. I bowl ~100 sober, how much worse can it get?
  14. Now now, don't get patronizing Loz. I've performed and studied music from the age of 4, played many instruments, spent years on musical theory and quite frankly bollox to your "its happening too quickly for some people to understand." Nobody said its worthless and I've acknowledged the skill - however for something to listen to, I'd rather listen to something else. My taste in music is not invalidated because you spout the following:

    Don't assume that because someone may prefer something else that its a matter of needing to:

    I've played several classical pieces for example on the cello that are just as fast as guitar shredding, however have found that in many metal bands for example its all about showing how fast you can run through scales and arpeggios without concentrating on the composition. This isn't to say there aren't numerous examples that are both technically proficient and amazing musically, but when you have something like this example where people are rated on simply who are the ten fastest, this doesn't equal the ten best guitarists, or the greatest musicians, nor the ten most interesting to listen to.
  15. Yngwie's actual songs, particularly on the first couple of solo albums, are well structured and interesting to listen to. He definitely can't help himself sometimes and over-shreds on stuff (including the G3 DVD), but I think he did something original and interesting at the time that was usually copied badly and without that originality and sense of melody. (Plus Jeff Scott Soto is the most under-rated metal vocalist evar!)

    Turned off the Paul Gilbert vid there after a minute of what was basically just scale practice - maybe it got better but like a good novel I need to be hooked in by the first phrase.
  16. We're in agreement then. I just don't like people blindy ragging on fast players and trundling out the more notes = less soul argument, 'cause there's people out there doing some very cool stuff that couldn't be done without the speed.
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    speaking of speed, check out this dude
    starts of 'slow' but ends up insane!!


    fast players good melody & rhythm impress me.
    people who play fast to make up for their lack of melody & rhythm don't.
    slow players with good melody & rhythm impress me.
    people who play slow but have no melody & rhythm don't.

    every guitar player has strengths & weeknesses.
    i'm not a shredder. i never will be, i just can't play that fast.
    so rather than TRYING to shred & sounding lame, i work on my tone & use melodic solos that are catchy instead.

    one of my friends plays in a band with a guitarist who is ultra fast. but i can't remember ANY of his riffs, hooks or solos. he should be working on playing fast catchy lines, not fast 'it's different every time i play it' lines.

    Slash is also a very fast player. And I could sing you the solo to sweet child of mine note for note. you remember his hooks & riffs.
    it's possible to be both fast & catchy.