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[OT] Very important event... well, I hope it is for me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. http://www.sysadminday.com/

    this is not to short
  2. We often have System Administrator Appreciation Day.

    It takes the form of a 'burning at the stake'

    :D :D :D
  3. Yes very important.... ive even made a wish list at thinkGeek in advance anticipation!!

    not holding my breath though.....doubt if anyone will bother even saying hi
  4. Do you take a break from being condesending to the users on this day?

    Or is the condesention doubled?
  5. depends entirely on the size / quality of the cake :LOL: but you lot deserve all the condesention you get anyways...... goddamn employees :evil:

    pity this'll never come about, and i'll probably end up with 2 thermal printers breaking down and everyone telling me how important it is that they have one on their desk all day even tho they only use it for 10 minutes of the friggen day. then the boss will tell me that his computer is slow, i'll have a look at it and discover that he's gone and put kazaa on the goddamn thing again despite me telling him 6 GODDAMN TIMES NOW that the crap not only slows down his computer, but our internet connection aswell. and to top it off, both the hard drives on the database server are gunna fry and i'll discover that my great automatic backup program hasn't been writing the CDs properly despite giving me no error messages on the report (you know how it works, you dont discover a problem with backups until you need to use them :LOL: )

    who else gets that urge to just piff the goodamn piece of crap PC out the window and run off zig zagged into the distance laughing madly?
  6. Jeez it sucks when you have to do your job :LOL:
  7. Sounds like you've been to the same place i work!!
  8. Jeez it sucks when you have to do your job :LOL:[/quote]

    :oops: yeah, i fuggen hate it.....

    as much as i dont like it, stupid ppls keep me employed eh :LOL: rid the world of stupid ppls, and all of a sudden they'll be able to fix the issues themselves or wont create them in the first place :?

    still wanna piff the computer tho :LOL:
  9. The only time i see ours is when everything is running right . Come across a clitch and he's harder to find than bin ladan. :p
  10. I've ordered my new PEBKAC T-shirt for the occasion.... I might even take a lunch break that day....

  11. Thats (l)users spelt with a silent "l" :LOL:

    I almost miss it these days...

    The constant whine of the idiots who forget their password. :x

    The illiterate ones who will never RTFM! :evil:

    The complaints about the network being slow (when they've unplugged the network cable) :shock:

    Real sysadmins never condescend to users

    they just ignore them...:LOL: :LOL:

  12. Its not the fact that its a mongrel doing the job, its more the fact that this shit always happens at the same time and usually when there is a new financial package and Warehouse relocation to be completed tomorrow. That and the fact that the above stuff really isn't getting you through your work load.

    Hands up all the sysadmins that know what they are going to be doing from one minute to the next? Sucks being a rag doll with little control over what you need to do when there are more critical problems/projects to deal with. (e.g one of your clients has trashed the computer again because he was surfing p0rn, and yet you still need to get an IPSEC tunnel between two sites ASAP).

    The other really frustrating thing is that you provide a rapid response to complaints yet you sit and watch the paint dry when asking others to do thier job.
  13. And someone in senior management has connected his laptop to the network and one of his kids installed some rotten freeware game on it and it's spread a virus onto the network...

    Or there's a problem because another moron has installed some illegal software and it's really trashed his machine. The only way to recover is to reformat his hard disk and the clown has saved crucial files to the local drive instead of the network.

    Or you find a department has decided that they'll install a server/pc/printer/scanner/some other piece of crap on the network without authorisation... :shock: And then you get a call complaining because it isn't working and can you fix it... :x

    or my personal favourite from my TAFE IT manager days...
    Some rotten little bast@rds have stolen all the mouseballs from a classroom (just the balls, - not the mice!) and there's a fee-paying class about to start in half an hour.... :LOL:

  14. hahahahhahahaha i love that one :LOL: did that at school once :LOL: i was a terror to the IT techs at school, musta been sooooo painful for them to have at least 20 students around that knew more than them and were constantly trying to make their lives difficult :LOL:

    spose its karma that i now get to deal with it all myself :oops: i'll be better next life, i promise :LOL:
  15. Been there done that one.. Before optical mice became the go, we'd go in a few days before term started and araldite all the covers onto the bottom of the mice so the those rotten little bast@ards couldn't steal the balls.

    Worked well until they found that will a well timed yank they could pull the cord out of the mouse too. :evil: Still, having no mice for a term convinced the little turds to be good in the computer room.. :LOL:
  16. Just use female mice :p :p :LOL: :LOL:

    Been there done that.

    How about this one i got today

    Server isn't working...can't ping or see it on network.......solution??

    turn it on!!! oh,, it works now
  17. bwahahhahahahhahahaa and i bet you went through 10 kinds of hell to figure that one out too :LOL:

    "is your computer switched on, that is a common problem" :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Actually no......knowing the client it was question 2.

    after "is the blue cable pluged in?"

    if she'd said yes i would have had to resort to..."can other people acces the server"

    Sometimes i think she has issues with digital clocks!
  19. The usual answer is (in an offended voice) "of course it is"...

    followed (accompanied by the Windows startup noise) about 30 seconds later by "Oh look! it's suddenly started working - I wonder what the problem was?" :roll:

    Or "Of course our students have to save all their images as 500 megabyte TIFF files"

    Or "I really do need that expensive video card and the sub woofer for my work" (Yeah - you've got a job as chief game tester? :p )

    In some strange masochistic way I almost miss it... :p
  20. TIFF files i wish... try A3 .BMP's

    "I wonder why i'm running out of drive space?" :roll: :roll: