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OT Toyota just don't get it, do they?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. However much they are paying their market researchers, they should sack them today and put the money into R&D.

    The New Aurion


    is to challenge Holden and Ford for the traditional six-cylinder sector of the market.....

    but it's ..... ...... front-wheel drive..


    Millions more wasted, same result.
  2. And It's UGLY.
    Ford and Holden must be shaking in their boots.....NOT!
  3. actually Holden Australia ARE shaking in their boots, but not for this reason.

    Aussies are buying more small cars. Small Holdens, such as Barina, etc, are made in Germany, not Australia. So while people are still buying holdens, they're not buying the ones we make. The plant in Adelaide makes commadores, utes, station wagons, statesmans, etc all the big cars.

    And GM in the USA (i.e the company that owns Holdens) made a loss of several million last year.

    so things aren't too rosy for Holden Australia at the moment.
  4. Its a little 'bubbly'... like a hyundai or something...

    But whats wrong with a FWD??

    And Holden and Ford were always ugly anyway... 'aussie' cars are s%&t...
    Never catch me buying one... (neither wouldi buy a huindai either, value my life a bit :LOL: )
  5. Actually, Tash, the new Barina and the new Viva (now there's some memories flooding back) are Daewoos, made in Korea. But I know what you mean.

    Toyota have missed the bus though. The V6 is fuel-efficient compared to the ancient heritage designs of Ford and Holden, but Aussie families buy the big sixes because they have good interior space, and rear-wheel drive, so they can tow a caravan once a year on hols. The fact that most DON'T is irrelevant. I mean, if front wheel drive was the go (all other Fords and Holdens are) don't you think Ford and Holden would have been making front-wheel drive full-sized cars for the last 25 years?
  6. very true.

    There's a reason Mitsubishi aren't doing well and will never be able to compete with ford or holden in Australia....no-one wants front wheel drive cars. Toyota just won't compete. if they made an all wheel drive version though....

    the mitsi all wheel drives are good.

    and yeah sorry I meant Korea, i forget all the different countries Holdens are made in - my BF works there & he knows them off by heart but I get confused as to which are German, which are Chinese, etc.

    point is not all Holdens are made in Aus.
  7. The mitsi AWD was great, but they spent mega-bucks on R&D and then dropped it, didn't they???
  8. It'll be interesting to see whether they get this out in AWD too, the platform is capable of it (I think Japan even have AWD Camrys already) and I think it would remove a lot, if not all, of the stigma about it not being RWD.

    The sad thing is they were going to build the Zero Crown and Zero Crown Athlete (badged as a Sportivo) out here before they went with this. That would have been sweet.
  9. Whats this statement based on? Your entire 8 years of being on the road entitles you to an opinion the same as the rest of us but if they are S%&t.. tell us what you are comparing them to.

    I actually own a commodore and a falcon and both will see over 400,000km before being turned over. I have also owned toyotas and nissans but they just dont do the milage let alone have the structual strength or stabillity of the big two. BTW I return 9.3L per 100km in both on petrol (Shell) so I cant complain about economy either.
  10. That kinda means you aren't their target market then anyway :)

    I didn't mind the concept models so much, but in the metal/clay, it doesn't look anywhere near as good. It is still a tricked up camry, and there is bugger all they can do about it.

    I feel sorry for Holden trying to flog a 6 litre V8 during $1.20/litre petrol prices. The engine is designed to allow cylinder deactivation to be added, and the sooner they do so, the better. Reviews hav been quite complementary about the 300C's use of it.
  11. front wheel drive cars are dangerous, they are useless for towing, horrible for long trips, i am talking 5000+km in a week. After owning one i would never buy another one. RWD all the way for me in the future
  12. Depends who for. For the average shmuck they are safer, as the risk of losing the arse on a corner is a lot less. For other people, they are useless, and more importantly, a lot less fun to drive. Nature makes animals rear wheel (or all wheel) drive for a reason :)
  13. Yeah, bring on all the front wheel drive Formula One cars :LOL:
  14. Acutally last year they lost 2.5 Billion dollars. And are down to 20 percent of the world market. Thier bond status is at junk level and has been for 8months and GM is looking into Chapter 3 (?) Bankruptcy in the US. it helps to protect the asset. THey have been taking all the money out of the local buisness.

    Toyota has been grabbing more and more of the Australian Market
  15. IMO any knob can catch a rear end lose, catching a front end lose is alot harder for 1 reasons, when you lose it in a FWD, you also lose steering, this is is the biggest issue, and unlike a RWD where you power on too catch it, you actually have too power off and straighten, and then re-try for your line, therefore running you wider.

    So for the reason alone that once you break traction in a front wheel drive, you actually don't have any/or very little steering, makes then highly dangerous IMO
  16. thats no how you make porridge!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    pfft, they're all crap anyways, no-ones made a decent car since the kingswood was discontinued anyways :cool:

    *sigh* goddamn missus "lets sell the HZ wagon and get a nice newer sedan".... me "ok, guess i still got the naro".... 6 months later "oh, maybe the sedan wasn't such a good idea, we got kids now, need a wagon" :roll:
    so now we've got an even more mundane mitsi magna to pick up today. at least the 929 has some class and some balls :? ahwell, least i got my toys still, even if the commuter is a POC...
  17. all reasons why I'm glad my BF is now no longer working on the line at Holdens, but is in a more inspector type position.

    his job is marginally safer.

    not much, but marginally.
  18. but after looking for early 90s mid to large cars twice in the last 6 months, i have to say that the offerring from holden was just pathetic at that time. the commondoors up till the VR were all plasticcy and poxy, shit on the economy and gutsless for the engine size. a holden 3.8 litre v6 in 95 making less power than a mazda 3.0 litre v6 in 88? they lifted their game at the VS, but geez thats pathetic :LOL:
  19. Front wheel drive does work well on small vehicles in certain situations - have seen Aussie class cars (ie Fords/Holdens) in rallying regularly beaten by 1L Daihatsu charades for example. But on large cars with large power outputs it doesn't work, the torque steer is shocking and the manufacturers are simply asking too much of the front wheels. You really have to know Toyota's strategy before commenting on the Aurion though - I mean people bagged the Avalon but it was designed for the 50-60 yo market, and was one of the biggest sellers to that group. So in that respect it could be considered a success. Personally I still can't understand why Toyota has pulled out of the sportscar market entirely (Supra, MR2 and Celica have all been scrapped). Toyota thinks that people will just by "sporty" versions of their other cars like the Corolla or Yaris, if they seriously think that then they've really lost touch with reality. Far more likely that the gap in the market will be filled by one of the Korean manufacturers.
  20. Indeed marginally better, I used to work there.

    Cant talk too much about data except whats publically known :grin: But its scary what you see and learn. I might have met your BF, possibly if he had anything to do with the engineers.

    Most cagers dont care whether thier car is front ro rear wheel drive, they just want something reliable that runs and gets him from A to B.