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[OT] This guy is a shit runner.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. wtf happened there??
  3. First-stage weight reduction!
  4. Did his colostomy bag explode? :shock:

    Not sure how he got shit on the front of his shorts, unless he's a triathlete and it happened on the bike leg.
  5. classic case of 'runners belly'. Apparently it's common in marathon runners. Either that, or they vomit........

    though I think most people would try to make a stop.......this guy must have been winning or something & didn't want to waste a second!!!!
  6. Thanks Loz. Just had Dinner.
  7. Best way to get those pesky 'hangers on' off your heels as you approach the finish line.... :LOL:
  8. Did the Banditos just ride past? :LOL:
  9. I'm not saying I'm an expert, but I used to do athletics as a sport back in highschool and I never remember having the uncontrollable urge to shit myself. At most running with a full bladder could get uncomfortable - but you soon learn to purge yourself before any major event. That can't be his own crap? Maybe someone threw something on him? It's on the front of his shorts!
  10. Definitly his own shit. Its part of a series, which, without getting into, shows the event unfolding, and the onlookers disgust.

    Its been around of the last year or so.
  11. hehe MVrog, at least you'd had dinner, and weren't in the process of eating :p

    I remember hearing Paula Radclif (very fast UK marathon runner, for those who don't know her) talk about it on TV as she'd had to run down a side street to take a poop in the gutter. She said it's common for long distance runners to get runners belly...must be all the jiggling around, upsets things!
  12. Anyone want the rest of my pumpkin soup?
  13. I will never run again.
  14. It's Tub boy! :LOL:
  15. The massive levels of cortisol/other stress hormones induced by continual aerobic work along with lack of sufficient rest and recovery means the blood supply/energy is being directed away from the digestive system (towards the sympathetic nervous system). Resulting in ischemia, which results in ...

    I agree with the above comments though; how on earth did he get it on the front of his pants?
  16. All that jostling and bouncing as he gets the runs...?
  17. I'm guessing it was continually being squashed between his thighs as he kept on running
  18. Nah. he rubbed it on himself, cos he wanted to be a Celeb on the Net.

    Mission Accomplished, bloke.