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[OT] TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. There are times - and I'll admit they're rare - when I get a strange feeling that the Internet might be bigger than just porno and motorbikes and cats with bad grammar and young pantiless starlets getting out of cars. That it might have some larger usefulness. That somewhere out there, among the skateboarders impaling their scrotums on railings, the FBI agents posing as 12 year old boys, the politicians furiously rewriting their wikipedia entries and the brazillions of teenagers screeching "faggot" at each other there might be some material out there that actually broadens a person's mind and contributes to perspective and knowledge.

    Now and then, and usually by accident, I catch a glimpse of this bravely, stoically educated side of the internet where very clever people have important things to say - and more than once I've had that experience at the same website: http://www.ted.com/

    I hope some of you find a nugget of truth there too.

  2. Hey! My grammar's not that bad! :eek:
  3. Thanks Loz I shamelessly copied your post and sent it to all our staff to look at.
    Obviously edited some of the more colourful descriptions and I'm sure many or our teachers will get something from that site.
  4. That site looks like it's a goldmine... thanks Loz.

  5. On a phylisophical (sp?) note, that site's a goldmine. It's been a concept for quite a few years and has an archive of some truely inspiring guest speakers. Should you be having a bad day, there's enough contributors in that organisation whose tails and tribulations can snap any self- indulgent woe-is-me back into the right direction
  6. kewl, would be better with boobs but still pretty damn fine!~
  7. TED == Toohey's Extra Dry ;)
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  9. I'm a big fan of this site. :) Well, at least when I can understand what they're on about. :LOL: It's generally entertaining. :)
  10. I love the ted site, very inspiring and some very emotional speakers on their.
  11. Big fan also of Ted's, there's a really interesting talk on Photosynth that's worth a look. Pretty amazing technology coming with regards to collective data and image making. I think they've just released Photosynth to the public too :)

    "Thare be gold in them there webpages!"