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[OT] Talking Boony

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Our BA team mascot, Talkin' Boony just said "Pass me a biscuit. A Monte Carlo would be nice."

    Previously he enquired: "Has anyone seen me thongs?"

    I think 'Talking Boony' may just be the best invention ever.

  2. Aaaahhh.. Talking Boony...

    My boyfriend's 6 year old son was inside alone and Boony started talking... he didn't know what was going on, was looking around trying to find out who was talking... went outside to his Dad almost in hysterics... he thought he had voices in his head when he couldn't find where the talking was coming from :LOL: :grin:

    Love Boony :D
  3. agreed Loz. Best invention ever.
  4. ok im taking the bait. Whats this talking boony?
  5. Yeah, but do you have to drink VB to get one?
  6. yeah that was a problem, but i swiped one off a mate.
  7. I wanted one of those things when they came out. Then I realised I'd have to buy (and probably end up drinking) a case of VB to get one. :( VB is only worth drinking when it's free, and even then it's questionable.

    Actually, given where Boony is from, wouldn't buying a case of Boag's be a more appropriate (and more palatable) requirement? :grin:

    And now, let us face Launceston and pray ... "Boony ... Boony ... legend ... legend ... top bloke."

  8. Ahahaha

    Hey El Damo wanna play charades with me??? who am I?
  9. Let's get back to that game of scrabble we were playing....
  10. Bwahahaha I love the late show!!!
  11. The instructions for talking Boony are a load of phooey...
    We had a Boony sitting at work, and there are no TV's anywhere on or NEAR the floor that i'm on. He goes off on the hour at specified intervals. He does NOT respond to whats on TV, or any audible input.

    That said, when he chimed up and said 'The crickets about to start... better get me a VB' almost 45 minutes before the cricket started... i thought that was a pisser.
  12. isn't vb what he was drinking when he broke record for the most beers on the flight to the ashes back in 89 or when ever it was?
  13. i think it was XXXX on a 22hr flight.i dont think it was Vb :shock:
  14. Can ya still get a Boonie, I thought they had sold out :cry:

    Cheers :cool:
  15. Isn't his record like 54 cans or something to that nature??
  16. Tasmanian Speed Limits Honour Boonie's Flight

    Wednesday, December 6. A golden moment in Australia's sporting history was immortalised today when speed limits across Tasmania were lowered to 52 kph to honour David Boon's 52 beer plane flight to England. At the unveiling of the new '52' signs, Tasmanian Premier Llynol Snively stated that all Tasmanians will love the new signs. "Let's face it - Boonie is a bloody legend. He was a champion batsmen, a genius fielder in close and a massive pisstank to boot. And he's got a HUGE moustache."

    The Tasmanian Roads and Traffic Authority expect few problems getting motorists to obey the new speed limits. After all, they stated, exceeding the speed limit now implies you are better than Boonie, and no-one is better than Boonie.

    Boonie was quoted as saying that he was "f&*^!n stoked" with the signs.
  17. BOONIE!!! what a legend! we have one...
    "where's me nacho's?"
    "bowl of nachos would be nice"
    "get me a can of VB"

    got to love talkin boonie..