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OT: Stag night ideas?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. OK, so due to lack of organisational prowess from the best man, it's fallen to me to be in charge of "buck abuse" for my brother's stag do this weekend.

    He's said he doesn't mind anything except getting a police record and strippers :shock: so we'll try to keep those to a minimum - however as far as humiliation, poor hygiene, nyudity, removal of body hair, tattoos, guns, drugs, rectal storage, ingestion, regurgitation, leather face masks with zips and being handcuffed to barn animals go, he's ok with all of it.

    Does anyone have any ideas? We'll be starting out at Y&J sometime Friday night so we've the whole town as a stage. I plan for starters to shave his head right down the middle in a sort of reverse mohawk a la the prodigy guy.

    In a handy twist to this stag night, he's already married. His mates just couldn't get off their arses and organise a buck's beforehand. So he doesn't need those eyebrows for any expensive photos.

    I wanna make it memorable, but I do love me little brudda - and he'll be part of the organisation of MY buck's night in the not too distant future... so any ideas?
  2. Can I say you have a very strange brother... :LOL:
  3. A rat and gash night.

    Gets some rats to race and gamble on the fastest.

    I'll let you work out the gash part....
  4. I do like the rat race part, the boys would definately dig anything that involves gambling and stinky animals.
  5. if you can organise it a spin on the handgun firing range is always a good way to get the adrenalin going for a fun night. I did this in the states, awesome fun....not sure of the legalities here in Aus though.

    or even clay shooting with shotguns....

    Go karting as a warm up?

    as for the grand finarly I hear handcuffing the bloke face first to a pole or tree then down trowing him and walking is the go....
  6. Sounds as if he would have enjoyed the Hellfire Club. :cool:
  7. A mate of mine saw a bloke cling-wrapped buck naked to a boom gate once. I thought that was inventive. Dangling there metres in the air until a train came by. Hee!
  8. You could arrange for him to have a Brazilian.
  9. Funny, I've got this tube of hair removal cream that has one very simple direction on the label:

  10. "Sorted"
  11. S, B & C wax. I'm sure you can work out what they mean.
  12. The trouble with this whole part of the evening - and it WILL be part of the evening - is that somebody needs to APPLY it.

    /Pack the shoulder-length gloves and goggles, Jeeves.
  13. rofl i have two different interpretations
  14. can't you get it in a spray can or something? be just like lubing the chain :p
  15. Absolutely, Mister Wooster.
  16. But how would you get to all those hard-to-reach places?

  17. You'll need a dedicated "treatment" couch. :p
  18. No strippers??!!?! :?: :shock:

    What no private strippers, or no lap dances??

    Assuming no live nudity then how about:

    BBQ, buck bash and porno vids -> party bus -> Go karts -> Party bus -> laser shootout game -> party bus -> Pub with loud band -> buck wakes up on spirit of tassy somewhere in bass strait...

    Not my cup'o'tea but I've seen a bucks bash or two over the years.
  19. Ooh yes I forgot about the 'placing the buck on a mystery train as he falls asleep with only gladwrap jocks on' part. I'll see if I can work that in.

    Yeah he has an irrational aversion to the traditional live boobie aspect of the buck's night, which I'm grudgingly willing to make some concessions for.
  20. The obvious place for a stag night would have to be a deer farm, surely??