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OT Song Writers

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by PJ2, May 15, 2006.

  1. A question for all song writers.

    I am trying to get strated songwriting. I have been suggested to start of, by replacing lyrics on existing songs, and then coming back it awhile later and composing different chords for it. ( I am a guitarist). What other methods do people use ??

    What I am trying to find out also how do you get ideas on what to say/ include
  2. I usuallu come up with the tunes accidently while stuffing around on the guitar then write lyrics some time later, whenever I get inspired or bored. :)
  3. A lot of the great songwriting has been done by two people, one stong on lyrics and one on melody....

    Edgelett in Adelaide is a writer, why not see if you can co-operate with her and churn out something useful?
  4. I think the best songs come when you get a concept/mood/situation in your head, and the melodies and words write themselves together.

    that way, you're not forcing syllables into a rhythm, and the natural emphasis points of the lyrics work themselves into the melodies of the phrases.

    Having said that, I'm turd at it. I've just listened to a lot of billy joel...
  5. Sometimes the words come in first.
    But for me as a guitarist, the song comes in first, and determines the mood of the song.. (of course this is usually determined by my mood.)

    Then I insert lyrics..
  6. As long as you use sexy baby ooo ooo yeah girl hot wet doggy pimp you should do just fine.
  7. I am currently playing with producing dance music, and i sorta come up with lyrics in my head to throw in at complete random times, and then other times the melodys and basslines and stuff come together, i spose they come from cues when people say something or you hear it or some such,

    often these thoughts come while on trams and stuff, usaully while brain is in neutral:D
  8. I write through my experiences. When Im in a bad mood for something , it tends to be more experimental.
    When im sad its more emotional.

    i cant write lyrics cos im a retard
  9. I find lyrics write themselves, as long as I don't try to force it. Playing guitar and thinking time and one in the same for me, so whatever I'm thinking about finds it's own way into the music (if that makes any sence). :)
  10. If I posted a song that I've written, would anyone laugh, or rip me off ?
  11. Nope! Go for it!!!