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[OT] Skin care and perfumes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Duffman, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. OK, really random thread here. Feel like a goose posting it, but oh well.

    Looking to get some perfume and/or skin care/ make up products for my better halfs b'day coming up.

    I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a good internet site for buying these things online? I have tried one called "Strawberry Net" but the stuff i'm after is the same price as in the shops here.

    And before anyone points out that i am stingy for trying to save some coin on a gift for her.......i know what i'm getting so why not get it cheaper of possible :)
  2. ebay champ. Go to one with a high feedback.
  3. maybe if you tell us what products exactly you are after?

    I mean, the body shop sells nice, crultey free, products online but the dont stock clinique so no point telling you to go there unless you were after body shop stuff.
  4. Duffman, You're a goose.

    That is all.

    :p :LOL:
  5. You tried eBay? Just make sure it's sealed.

    AND Myer will soon be having savings, as Mothers Day is coming out, they drop the price and have Gift with purchases aswell.
  6. Hi Duffman,

    It is not silly at all to shop around. Personally I have used www.perfumeconnection.com.au and www.perfume.com.au

    Had no problems with either of them, have a look and see where offers the cheapest prices including postage.

  7. I've been told Lancôme make good skincare products?
  8. I am a skin care consultant and a netrider partner, so I am happy to give you advice on the best products to buy and give you a 10% discount on the productstoo :D
    PM me if you would like to know more :)
  9. not only they make skin product but they purfumes as well and they smell awsome
    have a look at myers
  10. i'm with Eswen. go the BodyShop. yummy products and do some good in the world.

  11. My mother owns a Beauty Therapy salon....how 'bout gifts and treatments???? :wink:

    Her salon is also a netrider partner....
  12. Hmmmm, thanks for teh suggestions guys.
    Especially Bogus, most helpful :p (even though its true)

    I'm thinking some Clinique stuff cause i know she likes it. I think i will have a bit more of a look around at Myer etc and come up with a list of what i want to get then take it from there.

    Thanks for the offer from the netrider partners as well, i may just take you up on that offer.