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OT Series II VS commodore.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seany, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. The Disco thread prompted this but I'm going to a dealer tommorrw having test driven a car with the intention of trading in the Magna.

    It's a white 97 model VS seaies II Executive Sedan. Auto, Air con, Power steering, power mirrors but not windows, cruise control. Neat and tidy inside and out. Tiny patches of superficial rust under spare wheel in the boot. Engine and gear box seem fine. 204000km on the clock and the asking price is $6999.

    If anyone bought one of these how much did you pay, and how did it compare? Also are there any particular problems I can expect to develop or might not have looked for on this car.

    Also, is it too much to pay given that the dealer is a friend and knows what I really want in a Magna wagon with a manual transmission and preferably power windows? The car itself was originally a Telstra fleet vehical and all servicing has been meticulasly recorded before (and since) being sold to a middle aged woman with an RMB address at Benalla so mostly country km's.
  2. Never owned one but driven plenty of 'em. Nothing really wrong with them, build quality's not fantastic so minor bits of cabin trim can occasionally fall off. Auto gearbox is terrible in seeming to have ratios completely wrong for the engine (always shifting at the worst possible time) - but then that's true of even the current model Commodore. Don't really know how they fare with that many kays on the clock but if it's been a fleet vehicle it's probably in better condition than a lot of private vehicles.
  3. Mate don't do it

    You can pick them up for a lot less than that with less kms. I have a 96 model with 260000 km and the engine is rooted. People will tell you that the taxis do 800000km on 1 eng but they rarely cool down so don't wear nearly as much. The auto's hate towing unless you fit a vt sump and external oil cooler.

    They are a good car and have good fuel economy, but that price is way too high for an executive with highish kms
  4. Leaky boot. You can expect a leaky boot. :)
  5. By saying the engine is rooted, does that mean the piston rings are starting to leak or that the head gasket and/or valve seats have shit themselves in catastrophic form in the middle of nowhere?

    I know why taxis go so long but most of the km's were long trips to and from benalla so there should minimal heating and cooling of the block in comparrison to a city car. What was the history of your car to give me a base mark comparison?

    it already has a heavy duty hayman reese towbar so I figure it's seen that sort of work and if it's been taded only recently then I guess it coped. All I ask of it is to tow a speed boat 1 weekend in 3.

    I had felt the price was high though. I am hoping to buy it for 5000 plus trade in (87 magna with 276000 on the clock).
  6. Too many hard k's mate. Think about how most people will treat their work cars, if even half of the 200thou are fleet k's, it could be completely rooted.

  7. Yeah I thought of that. Made me think though? :-k As a fleet car the driver will sink the boot in which is not alwaysbad in terms of keeping the valves loose etc and at the same time not wanting the boss to recieve any speeding fines etc in the mail. Whhile all this happens Telstra pay for and organise servicing on time every time. To some extent the obsesive sticking to service routines that large company's have would be beneficial. Especially given that it's a 9 year old car, all it's defects should have been picked up and fixed under warranty asap. On that line of thinking, it might be the pick of the bunch. It's a bit of a gamble I suppose with 2nd hand cars but I've had 6 so far so I'm kinda used to it.

    I'm not trying to defend the car. I haven't even bought it yet. Just going over the possibilities. All 2nd hand cars will have a few issues. I'm more concerned with the issues that relate specifically to this particular car. For example an early magna will be likely to need an new thrust bearing at 200,000, Minis go through rear main seals like it's a pair of socks, a Falcon needs a head gasket at about 200,000 and a Gemini will do it's piston rings every 120,000.

    I'm not really expecting to do more than 50-90 thoudsand ks in this car, I just want to know what the actual cost will be in the long run.
  8. Yeah that's fair enough Seany and you do bring up a valid point with the servicing. My issue with the "it's not my car so who cares" is the abuse when the engine is dead cold, ie, start it, reverse out of the driveway, plant foot. There are no guarantees, it is a gamble, you could get a fleet car that was driven by a sensible older bloke or a private car that's been murdered by a moronic brakey loving donut inducing rollback indulging revlimiter bouncing <insert more gayarse descriptive terms here> rice boy.

  9. Mine was ex dept of justice, then belonged to a school teacher who drove it from near whitfield to wang every day. I'm not saying don't buy the car, i'm saying don't buy it for 7 grand. $5000 plus trade sounds much better. They do have a habit of shitting cam bearings if servicing isn't up to scratch but doesn't sound the case with this one. Check discs for wear because they go pretty quick and also front sway bar link pins and rubbers. The washers on the link pins wear out and slide up the pins which means the sway bar rattles on the pins. Its easy and cheap to fix but sounds like the front of the car is gonna fall off when they go.

    And if your gonna tow a boat i'd recommend a series 2 vt tranny oil pan because they hold more oil (I think its 2-3 litres more) and an external oil cooler. Leave the oil cooler in the radiator hooked up but where the oil comes out go to an external one then back to tranny. The shift pattern is different when the tranny is cold so you need the cooler in the radiator to warm the oil quickly to get the right shift pattern.
  10. My dad just bought a 96 exec for $5200 with 180,000 km on it good nic too. Sounds like too much for a 97 with 200,000 km. Redbook says ave price up to $6200 with up to 180,000 km ave, thats for a private vehicle, Better to go private get a better deal. Hope this helps
  11. Thanks benji. That's the sort of info I'm looking for. I gave it an absolute hiding on the test drive and it's noise free so I'm guessing the link pins and rubbers should be alright for a while but more importantly, I'll know what's happening.

    Thanks also for the towing advice. If I buy it, I'll give it a test run first but that all sounds like cheap modifications on a saturday morning.
  12. Yeah I looked at Redbook. The benefit here is that from a dealer I get a short warranty. Plus he's a friend and an ex boss who's sold me my last 4 cars so I know I'll get an honest appraisal of the car I'm buying and a decent trade in for the old one. I will be making the point theat the price it a tad high. Problem is he uses a dealer specific value giude rather than Redbook. His vaulue tend to coinside more closely with RACV market values.
  13. Just for curiosity where do you ski? I get out to mulwala for a crash errr i mean ski whenever i can. You should come up some time.
  14. Sounds good. Usually I head to Lake Mokoan or Nillicootie. I go camping with a group of mates who have ski boats at gravel bend (near Yarrawonga) every (well, most) cup weekend, chrissie/new year, labour day weekend and easter as well. I'm thinking now with Bracksy's new Life Jacket laws that the flat water on the Murray looks very attractive as a day trip for skiing, given that the boat lives in Benalla.
  15. Yeah the autos are shit in vs's but the bright side is you can put a 5 speed manual in for around $1000 DIY or $1500 at a mechanic. You will sell it in seconds for a good price if you put a manual in it cos every p plater and his dog wants a manual vs these days. It will also go a hell of a lot better than the auto.
  16. My TF Magna Sport was a fleet car (bloody government), I bought it with 75,000km on the clock. I have done routine services and not much more, now it has 150,000 and still looking good. Sometimes you can get lucky with fleet cars.
  17. Maybe try to beat the price down a bit, but it should have plenty of good k's left. I've got a '94 SS with essentially the same auto box after 270,000 pretty hard k's (with plenty of towing) only the diff is a bit noisy, motor and gearbox are both still strong. You'll probably need a power steering pump at some stage though, unless its already been replaced.