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[OT] Rider down with pics

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. To many this is not a fellow rider, to me it is, as a cyclist. This post is more about the 'holy crap' factor of the pictures capturing the moment. This is for all those tools that suggested this was the best way to see a cyclist, in another thread. Very sad for those involved...... :( :evil:

  2. Oh my god, that's horrible

    I think you'll find that was only one particular tool :?
  3. That's terrible.

    They must've been hit from behind though it looks like its a front on.
  4. :shock:
    Holy Moses !
  5. That's just plain sad, sobering and horrorfying. :(
  6. I'm amazed there was only one fatality.

    I think it must have been a head-on. Check out the direction the uninvolved guy is facing.
  7. Looks like one riders helmet is flying through the air. So important to buckle them properley and firmly.

    They probably did but I just think of the cyclists who have their helmet on the handlebars and the motorcyclists with the chip strap so loose you could hang your washing off it

    Absolutely tragic.

    Notice the article says
    As if Non-Americans don't count! Most likely the consulate is focussed on Americans versus don't give a stuff about others.

  8. thats any consulate though. Not just American.

    i thought the photo was of the nutter who braked heavily in front of that cycle pack in victoria, until I saw it was a head on.
  9. if it was a bike race, why wasn't the road closed. Everytime I have seen a bike race the roads have been closed
  10. Well, I daresay they do things differently in Mexico.

    Seriously though, over here in WA I regularly see substantial, organised cycling events (dunno if they're "races" as such) on roads that are not closed. I've also seen a number of events where only one side of the road has been closed, and others where there has been a sort of "rolling closure". In any of those cases, it has seemed safe enough provided everyone is awake and alert. In none of those cases would the closure or traffic separation be proof against a dozing pisshead :( . I'm not convinced anything would be, short of a concrete barrier.
  11. See cyclists, this is what happens when you ride two or more abreast. You are only supposed to ride in single file on the road. These guys obviously weren't.

    (Horrible accident though and I feel for those affected by the tragic loss of life etc etc.)
  12. What planet are you on? So lemme get this right...if you ride single file, then coked up fukwits driving illegally and on the wrong side of the road won't mow you down in a head on collision?? :roll:

    Its kinda like saying, "if they were wearing protective clothing, then that wouldnt have happened".
  13. what, it causes a drunk asleep guy to drift across the road into your lane?
    try looking up the laws too, your fine riding two abreast.
    its people probably like you, that decide its only a biek, i will pass as close as i can without changing lanes, that cause accidents.
    if it was any other vehicle than a bicycle, you would change lanes correctly.

    stfu troll :evil:

  14. You are the sort of fcukwit I posted this for! YOU shouldn't be allowed on the road until YOU know the road rules dickhead! :evil: :roll: Bicycles AND motorbikes are allowed 2 abreast, and it is actually safer to ride that way, because of tools like you who think they own the road!
  15. Okay, I'll play till this thread gets locked due to abuse towards other members.

    I was wrong about the single file thing. You are allowed to ride two abreast. La de da. These guys obviously were more than 2 abreast anyway.
    Perhaps, just perhaps, the injury list would be lessened if the riders were riding only 2 abreast. (Of course, the fact that a race was being held on an open public road was a little thoughtless too.)

    I have problem with a whole mob of cyclists holding up traffic because they are riding four or more abreast at times and cars cannot get past. Perhaps I vented this frustration in the wrong place, time or way in my original post.

    The abuse and allegations about my riding/driving show that you too can blow up and put points across in ways that may seem shocking and hurtful towards people and bare no relevance to the original post. Bravo, you are what you say you hate about me.
  16. Perhaps the injury list would be lessened if the fukwit driver wasnt driving whilst off his face on drugs and driving on the wrong side of the road.

    Whilst i agree that some bike riders can be a right royal pain in the ass, (riding like they own the road) that doesnt mean they deserve to be mowed down in a head on by a car.

    I think the serving you copped in the previous posts was justified if that really is your opinion on the subject.
  17. Since when does one have to ride 2 abreast in a road race?
    The road should have been cleared of traffic if it was a race as purported.
    Joke or not that comment was in very bad taste.
  18. I agree with McBigg - 2 abreast was too dangerous.

    In this instance, clearly the riders should have been stacked on top of each other, so that only the rider at the bottom was injured.