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OT: radio talkback

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by slyfox, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Apologies for the off topic nature of this post, but I’m in need of a little help, I’m going for a job interview at 3pm and need to have a basic knowledge of talkback radios Melbourne personalities, my knowledge is pretty average.. I used to like listening to Virginia Tripoli but since she left I haven’t been paying much attention.

    Who are Melbourne’s big name talkback personalities, what stations are they on (frequency as well please as I’ll try to listen to them for ½ hour.) any key points I should remember? Ie Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun is pretty far right wing, Jill Singer is left etc.

    Any help appreciated (pretty disorganised I know, have been frantically completing my uni enrollment the last two days so time has got away from me.) [-o<

  2. Neil Mitchell on 3AW Shock Jock :)

    Derry Hinch on 3AW Drivetime

    I only listen to Neil so Dont know of any others

    oh and its Virginia Triolli (you should hear her tear into ill-prepared people :LOL: )
  3. www.3aw.com.au
    Lists all their personalities
    Neil Mitchell, Ernie Sigley, Ross Stevenson, John Burns, Derryn Hinch
  4. Jon Faine on ABC 774 is well respected also
  5. :oops: damn it i typed it into MS Word and for some reason it changed it to that.

    thanks for the info guys much appreciated
  6. Ross and John on AW in the morning are brilliant. very sharp and witty. I have a soft spot for Derryn Hinch. Neil Mitchell rates well but he a bit dorky and narrow minded.
  7. Derryn Hinch?!?!

    He'd have to be the most opinionated, annoying, unwilling to listen to the facts radio jock in Melbourne!
  8. Dont know how it works tried talking to the radio and it didnt talk back :grin: :grin:
  9. I like that though. essentially hes a bumbling fool but that makes him human. Not like Neil- I dont speed, hate bikeriders, have a happy marriage, my kids are the best, hate yogurt eaters and 4 wheel drives- Mitchell
  10. Well if you're just laughing at Hinch's 'bumbliness' then I understand ;)
  11. If you want reasoned debate, Lindy Burns on 774 drive is very good. Not as sharp as VT, but certainly different and very good to listen to on the way home from work. When the chat gets boring, switch to 3aw and listen to Hinch getting stuck into someone (Neil Mitchell normally!), then back to Lindy to calm down!
  12. Yah I listen to 774 drive lots, it is without question my favourite drive show.
  13. hah..............then you have not listened to Mitchell much then :wink: that poser reckons the world revolves around him. At least Hinch has the balls to stand by his convictions

    Cheers :cool:
  14. Or the convictions to stand by his balls...:LOL:
  15. off i go *crossing fingers* :moped: 8-[
  16. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    yeah that be it :p

    Cheers :cool:
  17. Sly fox, what kind of job requires such knowledge? are you leaving the medical field?
  18. \:D/ :grin: \:D/ received the call at 6pm this evening - i got the job so thanks for the help guys!

    re. curtaingirl yep, no more medical, i've landed a job as a broadcast media reporter for a company called rehame (media monitoring business) which is great as it's industry experience to compliment the degree i'm undertaking (communications/journalism.)

    i just have to work at it so i can manipulate the news to be pro-biker :wink: :biker:
  19. Congrats, mate, Rehame is a very infuential organisation....
  20. do people still listen to AM radio....lol