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OT Query -> PS2 NTSC / PAL query.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Got an off topic query.

    My nephew [12yo] wants a PS2 game for his b'day. I've located a lower priced NTSC game on ebay compared to the equivalent PAL.

    I know that TV signals are PAL as standard in Oz, but TV's can be set up to automatically switch to PAL or NTSC as required.

    I think I know the answer, but here's my question. Are aussie PS2's fixed to output only in PAL? If a PS2 has been chipped, does that mean that they'll play NTSC games as well?

    Thanks in advance

  2. _Most_ modchips will allow it to play NTSC games. I think as a rule if it will play NTSC dvds it will play NTSC games.

    Unmodified PS2s are locked to PAL and won't play imported games.
  3. okay, just going on Xbox here, hopefully its the same thing...

    if you have been chipped, then it should play both no problems. i know that the xbox actually outputs in pal but the old dreamcast outputted in whatever the game was. in any case, it should play it fine as long as you have a TV that does both :D

    orrrr you could just go to carribean gardens and get a copy there :wink:
  4. Thanks Coconuts and line noise for that.

    One more follow up query if you will.

    Would a PAL version game from the UK be playable in Australia....? Just wondering about world zoning thing....

    Thanks in advance guys.

    By the way... top day for a ride!!!


  5. i dont think they have region coding on games, thats just DVD videos. so long as its the same format, you should be fine i'd bet :wink:
  6. As best as I can tell... from some limited searches from work... PS2's come preset for the standard TV format for the region or country they are being delivered to... and for the DVD region as well.

    Presumably, I can buy a PAL game anywhere in the world and it will work here in Oz... so I think Coco is right...

    Any other views??



  7. Yeah plenty but its monday morning and Coco don't want to hear em :p
  8. Don't know about games, but UK Pal and Australian Pal are not the same, one is Pal A the other is Pal B. The difference is in the sound only. A UK pal DVD will give a perfect picture, just no sound, and thats a completely seperate issue to the whole zoning thing.
  9. I think the PAL thing ranges down to G's and K's somewhere (PAL-A,PAL-B,PAL-C--PAL-G etc.). There's quite a few formats of the ol PAL.
  10. More info:

    Aussie TV = PAL B/G

    UK TV = PAL I

    Any european game will work here in Oz, but if your game machine is connected via the aerial then you'll get the picture but not the sound.

    Connected via AV inputs and there's no probs.

    Thanks to all who helped. :)