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OT - PS2 or X-Box??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Trisha14, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. PS2

  2. X-Box

  1. Hi all

    Looking into getting a gaming console (not wanting to spend a fortune on the new ones coming out), but wondering what peoples views were between PS2 and X-Box.



  2. its a no brainer :D

    xbox by a mile, better console and easier to mod, can do more and more is available for it.

    you get a console for $250ish then you get it modded, $80ish for a chip and $120 for a nice big hdd. from there, you wont have to buy another game, hire them from the local shop and 'backup' the game to your HDD :wink: then theres media players for just about everything your PC can play (RM, QT, DivX, Xvid etc. etc.) and emulators and you can even run linux on them if you're that way inclined :D

    and you can always call on coconuts super xbox service to do all this for you :D

    definately the xbox :wink:
  3. Wot coconuts said.
  4. Agreed to every point.

    I just modded my XBox myself and was simple as pie. Also had a spare 120Gb drive around, so chucked that in and just followed simple steps to clone the drive. (The mob i got the chip from is in SA too)

    I tried modding a PS2 that i had... whoa that was an unsuccessful mission... :shocked:
  5. If Sony have shipped music CD with dongles that can wreck your computer system, what chance they've got some little land-mines buried in the new PS/2 as well??
  6. We have both a PS2 and an X-Box, and the X-Box wins hands down.

    We have about 30-40 games stored on the HDD (had it upgraded to 120 gig when we had the thing chipped), and we have it hooked into the wireless network and watch downloaded video files through it on the TV.
  7. Its always come down to exclusive games for me... Im a big final fantasy fan so i bought the ps2 when it came out... But when it all comes down to it if i was serious about games id be playin em on PC...

    Also with the xbox does it still come out with those massive fat controllers?? Cause if they do and youve got kids in mind you might wanna pick up an after market controller... Those things are incomfortable for me to hold let alone kids... You need gorilla hands for those things :evil:
  8. xbox for me simply because of xbox media centre.

    mik84: Have you seen Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children? If not, WHY HAVEN'T YOU!
  9. Really? Interesting. I find the reverse true for me. The PS2 controllers are very awkward for me, plus I like the trigger controls on the X-Box controllers. Great for driving and shoot-em-up games.

    And my 7-y.o. son has no problems either way. He kicks my butt in the shoot-em-ups regularly, regardless of the console/controllers.

    LOL :LOL:
  10. another vote here for the x-box
  11. wow I would never have guess this debate to be so one sided.....
  12. theres a few different types of xbox controllers out there, but the two official ones are good enuff IMO. theres the big fat one, some people love it, but i reckon its only any good for throwing at the heads of enemies :LOL: and theres the -S controller which is just feckin perfect.

    and another thing, best off getting an xbox second hand if your gunna chip it. warranty is void the second its opened and the HDD is replaced aswell so really, the only advantage is that you get an unused DVD drive and a nice shiny cardboard box :LOL:
  13. Maybe im just a sook then :shock:

    Im pretty sure they released totally different controllers in japan for that very reason...

    I always though that nintendo controllers were on the money. They know how to put together a good console :wink: ... Only problem is they refused to grow with us and our need for violence in games :roll:
  14. I'll attempt to even it up a little. But only a little ;)

    PS2 is still a superior architecture for performance and this is reflected in the <few> games that developers have taken the time to code correctly for the platform. Too often a developer does a simple port from one platform to the other resulting in much the same game. When this happens the xbox usually comes off looking better.

    Having said that, I chose Xbox and am very happy for the reasons outlined by others above. :)

    Biggest pro for xbox has to be the media centre. It rocks!!!!
    I hardly watch Aussie TV anymore. It's all downloaded shows and movies. ;)
  15. I agree with what the others have said, the only thing that would sway people to the PS2 are exclusive games - i.e. Gran Turismo and the amazing God of War.

    That said, I thing you should spend an extra $2000 and buy a gaming PC :D
  16. Where's my none - i wouldnt be caught dead owning a console :p

    but if you must its X-crement box hands down. Phonys have never been and never will be "the S$%t"

    As what everyone said its the modding and jack of all trades ability it has which sets it apart. The new ones are utter rippoffs tho, may aswell buy a cheap media centre edition PC and get something that has a warranty no matter how much you chop and change hardware...

    Yea the japs couldn't handle the bigass american controlers that the xbox came with so they made the mini ones for release with the systems there...

    I find the controllers much of a muchness...

    The PS2 controller is great but after a couple hours of GT'ing you'll regret liking something so small so much...

    The Big xbox controller while big chunky and easy to hold without inducing wrist cramps it just doesn't have that know where the buttons are without looking feeling to it...

    The N64 controller was definately one of the greatest of its kind IMO... Easy to hold and use and once your fingers were on the buttons you never had to look down to make sure your pressing the right one...
  17. Usually???

    Try always...

    Aint one game thats been ported to multi systems that doesn't look better on X-box vs the PS-2...
  18. Just get both consoles. I did. :)
  19. Yes - all hail the mighty pentium III under the hood :LOL:

    Come to think of it, I think you should buy neither and muy my PSP instead :D
  20. I did think about it when you initially put up the post..... but I'm from SA so makes it difficult.