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OT -pentagon footage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by russ, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Suggestion; consider it a wank...
  2. If the thing that hit the Pentagon wasn't American Airlines Flight 77, then what happened to that flight and its passengers?
  3. They were assimilated.

  4. i believe the Aliens did it!
  5. That was the first thing I thought of too. Where are they?

    And, as for the suggestions that the Americans themselves destroyed the WTC, well....I was awake at the time, I saw 2 planes hit two buildings and shortly after the two buildings buckled from the internal heat and collapsed.

    Please don't tell me I was hallucinating.

    We will always have conspiracy theorists and we should at least listen to what they say, but we should also be realistic too.
  6. I think they are claiming not that there were no planes hitting the WTC, but that the planes were military issue possible contained explosives that actually caused the buildings to collapse.

    I think that the boys from Mythbusers are required on this one... :LOL:
  7. Dan, you ARE the man!
  8. That site's very entertaining.

    If I understand what they're on about, they reckon flight 175 wasn't the plane that hit the 2nd tower, and flight 77 wasn't the plane/missile/whatever that hit the Pentagon.

    Flight 175 was switched for some kind of remote-controlled custom-modded jetliner, while flight 77 was either an executive jet, a missile or God knows what.

    Which means that 2 commercial flights were re-routed after take-off, flown somewhere, landed, the passengers removed and disposed of, and not a soul anywhere saw anything at all.

    All to provide advance justification for the US's campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Sure. That sounds like the simplest explanation for 9/11. Makes sense when you think about it. (NOT!)
  9. I agree to some extent gromit - when you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras...
  10. Interesting . Was it the same people that were behind the moon landing. :wink:
  11. I was awake at that time too and saw the whole thing on telly and telly never lies and can not be twisted and turned by profesionals who know exactly what they are doing...

    So in my unprofecional opinion... Yes it did happen but the dameage/lives lost were never as big as it was reported...

    Has any one ever heard of PROPAGANDA??
  12. Yes, and there are fairies at the bottom of the garden, too!
  13. But surely, lordtb, these people had families who reported them missing? Companies that they worked for whose employees didn't turn up the next day?

    The same logic applies as appies to the airliners. If around 3000 people WEREN'T killed, why are people still looking for them? Why do families not have their mothers/fathers/children?

    And if they DIDN'T die in the attack, where are they?

    I understand what you're saying, but you can't manufacture people just to suit a circumstance.
  14. Have you seen that movie the Manchurian Candidate? conspiracy theorist's wet dream
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  16. If you actualy start diging into the reports of missing people during the events of 911 you will find alot of little things that don't add up... they have actualy found about 300 people that went missing on that day (my surce: an independant Polish newspaper) well and alive... these people just used that day to escape their familys or finantial problems... and there were a whole heap of people counted in the "death tole" that were not even in NY that day!! The oficial numbers accout for ALL people missing on that day!! they do not mention under what circumstances they went missing in!! Another good source is the job advertising section in the local NY papers... Why no one was looking for replacements for all these fuirefighters that apparently died??