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OT Palm Pilot Help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hey folks,

    I have a Palm T3 that Im having issues with.

    It was off charge for ages and it lost all of the data.

    I charged it up and I tried to hotsync it to my pc.

    All good I hear you say........well, not exactly.

    I have 2 users on this PC user1 & user2.

    Prior to the thing going flat users2 was my main account and all the info was stored for that user.

    Now the silly thing assumes that I want to sync all the time as user1 and therefore I get a blank handheld as there was never any data entered as user1.

    I tried deleting user1 from the PC but everytime I do a hotsync, it reinstalls user1 and completely ignores user2.

    I cant see anywhere on the handheld where I can specify which user to use.

    If anyone can shed some light on this retarted thing it would be appreciated.

    If not, I'll stick the sucker on ebay and be rid of the headache forever.

  2. Could you not just wipe the data again and select the correct profile?

    Failing that, the Palm Desktop software has an option somewhere where you can tell the Desktop software to ALWAYS overwrite the Palm. If you can do that, and remove the empty user profile, it *may* resolve your problem. I'll have another look when I'm at home - haven't got the Palm Desktop software here at work.
  3. vic, I work with palm pilots (symbols actually) everyday :/

    Now you have deleted the user1 from the pc, you should be able to do a hard reset on the palm and try to hot sync again. When it connects it should ask you which profile to use. Failing that PM me and I'll see if I can find time to check it out for you. As it all depends on what software / what version of software etc.
  4. Go to hard drive folder for user 2, copy all data into folder for user 1...

    Works for my Tungsten... I play around with usernames all the time as part of the piracy process...
  5. All good, thanks folks.

    did the hard reset and its all good again.

    Thanks for your suggestions.