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(OT) Need to fix a chuck out of a house door

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Milos, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    This is off the topic of motorbikes, but I'm sure someone here can send me in the right direction.

    I locked myself out in the backyard this morning. Being stuck outside in just a pair of short, with no phone, money or easy access to any neighbours I decided to force the back door to get back inside.

    Leading out to the backyard we have double doors. We use one door and the other one is bolted and locked. It has two bolts at the top and bottom to hold the door in place.

    I settled on the bottom lock of the door which was held in place. It worked by taking a chunk out of the bottom part of the door and the lock with it. The chunk is about 7cm high and 4cm across, and about an inch deep. Most of the wood that came out is splintered so I need something to fill the gap in the door and also hold the lock back in place then painted over.

    Any recommendations?

  2. Yeah dont lock yourself out :LOL: :LOL:

    Reminds me off "that add"
    one day your gona get cought!

    but sounds like some liquid nails and once its set, some good sanding and paint should fix it as good as possable without replacing the door.
  3. Off this topic milos, hw are you going with the non-smoking plan????
  4. I've always found the windows easier to tackle - whether it be via a brick or peeling off the rubbery bits around the outside .... :D
    Now I have a spare key hidden outside & its never happened since :?
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  6. I would have just suggested getting some wood filler from bunnings and paint over that, however I am not sure how secure this would be holding in a lock. Second suggestion - go to bunnings, get a sausage, then find a person in the wood working section to ask.
  7. Thanks! I was thinking about that. I'll grab some during lunch.

    I've been avoiding that question :) The quitting isn't going so well. I'm still sneaking a few in here and there, and if I go out drinking I'll buy a pack instead of scabbing all night. I'll probably have 4-5 daily instead of my usual 20. I can see that number increasing if I don't do anything about it soon. I'm waiting till after this weekend, my cousin leaves for a year long trip to Canada on Tuesday so it's going to be a long weekend. I'll avoid the pubs after that one. So ask me again next friday :)

    We have big bloody windows, I figured the door lock would be cheaper to fix :)

    And I've decided to do the spare key thing aswell. I'll hide one in the backyard somewhere. The backyard's a courtyard with the only entrance being the garage roller door. But as I found out once before you can climb the neighbours fence 3 houses down, jump the onto the garage next door and walk across to mine then jump down.
  8. Trying to picture what you have done.

    Since you were able to dig the bolt out from the outside, I'm guessing it was one of those ones that mount into the edge of the door and are only visible when the other door is open.


    If so, I'd recommend using a chisel to square off the hole, and filling the hole with builder's bog, with a piece of plywood set flush on top.

    Builders bog. Two part epoxy filler. There's a couple of brands, but idf you ask at one of the hardware stores that has helpful staff (small places are good) they'll show it to you.

    If it's a big hole, drive a couple of decent-sized screws into each side of the hole to give it something to hang onto.

    Make it up according to the directions. Slightly over-fill the hole. When almost set, sand lightly to bring it close to the final shape. Sand it properly when set hard. You can drill, saw, screw into it nicely to reattach the lock.

    Oh! the lock! If it was pretty easy for you to get in when you were trying hard not to do too much damage, how hard will it be for someone else who doesn't care?

    Ar the very least, replace the scres that hold the lock in place with big long stainless ones.

    I'd be fitting an extra bolt (top and bottom) on the inside of the door. Those edge-mounted ones are more a convenience latch than a security device.

    I'm not a builder, but I've made amost every mistake you can think of when renovating/repairing houses, so I must have learned something!
  9. Try Selley's "Plasti Bond"

    It sets like a rock and you can drill it, screw into it and generally treat it like the other material in the door. Make sure that you prepare the surface properly so that it bonds to the wood correctly and you should be fine.