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OT - movie poster feedback

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by russ, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. hey folks,

    i'm just looking for feedback on a couple of posters i'm wokring on...


    like, dikslike? want changed? which one do you like better?
    they're WIPs so the text at the bottom is still to be determined...
    posters are for my movie we're releasing in about 2-3 months (woo! - don't get too excited it is educational astronomy :D I made the movie... not the script)

    if anybody wants a "Netrider Astrotour night" organised when the movie is released.... i'm your man :LOL: :LOL:


  2. I'm not a graphic artist, but the three panel one looks a little disjointed (I presume there's going to be text in each of the boxes?)
    The second one is better for overall impact, but that might also be influenced by the text-over.
    PLUS are people going to have to pay to see the movie (in other words, are you trying to INFLUENCE them to come, or just explaining it?)

  3. ermm, no to the text in the boxes... since this is still a mock up the symmetry/layout isn't perfect (the final version is for an A0 posterso i'll have to re-render the pictures i've used in the poster)
    when you say disjointed are you talking about the fact there are two large panels and then three broken ones or are you referring to the lack of symmetry in the three bottom panels?

    it's kind of both in terms of the purpose... we want people to pay but also explain the movie so that they understand it is astrophysics in content (astropyhsics is coming later :LOL: :LOL: )

    ps thanks for the feedback
  4. Ok
    The three-panel one is obviously an attempt to get more info on the one poster, as opposed to the single panel which only has one pic, right? My comment is that the three-panel picture "draws the eyes" to five different themes which means there's a lot of information to assimilate. If people are going to have time to scan and "trap" the information, then this is not bad, but it has to be looked at for a minute or two because it's very "busy".
    I actually do like the fact that the three bottom panels are "cut" at an angle, breaking the right angle mould of the top two!
    The singular panel is more striking, but because it contains less "information" is less interesting.
    I think!!
    I'd be putting a copyright notice on them right now, though, or some sod is going to rip off your hours of work!