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[OT] Loz n Suade on ABC Hobart with our dacks down

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. http://suade.net/audio/01 ABC Tasmania Interview.mp3

    About 20 minutes of live singing and interviews. The presenter was very understanding about the fact that we all dropped our strides just before we went on air and left them around our ankles until the spot finished.

    Includes 2 of our new original tunes, the first time they've ever been broadcast. A bit raggedy though, we were just about sung out.

  2. Haha I just realised that in the last few seconds before "moondance" you can actually hear us slapping our bare arses as we moon the ABC radio webcam. Well, he told us we could do it! :LOL:

    ...Does this mean I have an arse for radio?
  3. So its like that now is it ??? :?

    Ask The Injectors, The News and The Cruel Sea how they felt when Johnny, Huey and Tex came before the band !

  4. Nnnnnnnahhhhhh I'm sure on the Australian Mini driver's forums it's Ian and Suade! :)
  5. The link didn't work, but probably just as well. I had a mental picture of you blokes doing the "stiff and stiff" ad. Just say it isn't so.
  6. Link did not work. Butt have become a big fan of your music, play it often.
  7. You never told us that you've actually hosted the file so i couldn't show anyone. Bastard. :p