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OT-Land Rover, Discovery should i buy it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brett5141, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Please help me with some advice!

    I have been looking around at getting my first four wheel drive, the only specs being it cant be a single cab and needs to be deisel (and less than 9K).

    I have seen a Land Rover Discovery, 1992 Model, Turbo Deisel, 230,000k's and seems very clean.

    Main problem being that when we had a chat to our mechanic he told us to steer clear of them as they are very expensive to run.
    He says that the parts are very expensive compared to Toyota, Nissan etc, and they dont last as long.

    I have posted this query on a 4x4 forum but thought the more feedback the better, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. If you want a really capable 4x4 with character, but have to look after, get a Land Rover.

    If you want a boring, fairly capable 4x4 that you don't have to do anything to apart from put fuel in it, get something japanese.

    Sorta like bikes really, except the Italians don't make 4x4's..

    Is it the TD5 or the TDi? Whatever it is, injectors cost a fortune. It will leak fluids from somewhere (it's Land Rovers' inbuilt rust protection system!). It is, however, a very capable vehicle. Good for towing, and not tooo bad on juice.

    Try over at forums.overlander.com.au

    (Coming from me with a Range Rover.. :cool: )
  3. I remember helping my father shop for a used 4x4, looked at a Land Rover Discovery which had less than 40,000ks yet it's biggest selling point was it had a new diff and gearbox :shock: - probably says something about their reliability. Still they are very capable offroad, certainly better than a Nissan (but not as good as a Toyota).
  4. If you want one of the most expensive 4x4 to run, get a landrover.

    If you want bush capability, economy and reliability and nice road manners/appointments get a Pajero.


    is an awesome forum for aussie 4x4 gurus.

    230kms is heaps on a Landrover, it aint much on a 4.8 landcruiser diesel.

    "Better than a Nissan" Pfft GU and GQ patrols are pretty freaking capable bush machines.
  5. Yes, but a Land Rover is better (Patrols are too wide and too low). Best choice for serious offroad work though is still going to be a Toyota though. Also Brett have you considered looking at some of the older model Jeep Cherokees, I've seen a few cheap ones around but not sure if they were diesel.
  6. Had a 1994 V8 Disco with 130,000kms. Cost me heaps to maintain. Electrics (Lucas) were terrible, had issues with the MAF (not applicable to the oil burner), aircon, central locking, fuel pump, headlights stopped working with a fatigued wire in the steering column. Had clutch master & slave replaced twice in 18 months.

    Yep it leaked oil, (marking its territory some say), but needed to be fixed to pass roadworthy. Didn't stop rust developing in the floorpan though.

    Eventually got rid of it after it threw the main bolt securing the crankshaft pulley/harmonic balance. The pulley nearly went through the radiator ($2k to replace one of those).

    The vehicle was regularly & professionally maintained.

    I persevered for 5 years as it was very capable offroad & great for towing the boat, but the reliability issue & the cost finally sealed its fate.
    Thought I had just a lemon but a number of other owners of similar vintage models had the same issues.

    If you really like the vehicle get it checked out by RACV, but regardless be prepared for the maintenance costs.
  7. Steer clear and go for something Japanese. I and others I know have had nothing but problems with them. Reliability is atrocious and replacement parts cost a fortune and alot of mechanics just arent interested in touching them.

    I've owned two Landrovers and will never ever touch any car from that marque ever again. They're an absolute money pit and will send you broke. Buy a Nissan or a Toyota
  8. brett, you need to check what it is.

    for the price i assume its a TDI, not a TD5. The TD5 is an excellant motor built by BMW. The TDI can be troublesome if not maintained well, ie oil changes by the book with quality oil. Some of these older ones have been converted to Isuzu diesels, 3.9lt i think, these are good.

    parts are a little more expensive than the japs, but the landy is a much better vehicle off road.

    Generally early disco's were either excellant or shit when it came to relaibility We have a 1999 model TD5, no problems at all in over 12 months. others break down often

    my advice, the newer the better as they improved, especially in the series two, which was in 1999

    good luck

    PS i have a petrol jackaroo for sale $15000 though
  9. I got a 96 jeep grande cheroke {larado}.

    You can pick one up with about 120km ,for around $12,000,
    180,000 for about $9000 .
    Mine has 202,000km ... would i buy another one ,YES ,if fuel was cheaper or if was on gas.
    One reason i got a bike ,was the 4wd drinks to much ,but still need it to tow my boats.
    Great on snow and sand ,you don't even change gear ,its in 4x4 hi ,all the time.
    I got it at 140,000km ,replaced a few parts like front diff $1000 ,radiator $800.
    a hose here and there .But it runs well and comfy to drive.
    I would say parts are "around" the same as other model ,but harder to get second hand parts.
    When i sell this one ,i will go back and buy a suzuki vitara ,like i had before ,never a problem and it kicks arse on sand, snow ,dirt .ect .
    Cheap as chips to run.
    What ever you do don't buy a disco , great car ,but they have heaps of problems ,my In-laws have one and it's a piece of crap, always breaking down.
  10. Much better than Patrols or Land Cruisers? I dont think so. Not stock, or with MINIMAL mods they arent.
  11. TROOPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. most features and comfort for your money, best driveline, good parts availability and pricing, reliable. get a patrol. For that price you might get a GQ but definately will get a MQ with change.

    Landcruiser are a bit dearer to buy and maintain but are also damn capable. You'd be after a 60 series in that price range or a 75 series troopy (as i think you said single cab is out)

    Disco's are nice but can be pricey to maintain, they are fairly capable but it depends how far you want to go. I'd be avoiding that one though, being a turbo diesel i wouldn't be comfy with the km's.

    Personally i have a 1988 diesel troopy which i paid $9000 for. It has bull-bar, side rails, rear bar, over-head console, snorkel, triple fuel tanks, water tank, dual batts, and the list goes on.

    btw 4.8lt landcruiser engine mentioned above is petrol. Toyota diesel is either 4.0lt or 4.2lt. for the price range you're looking for you'd end up with the 4.0lt (2H)

    Also check out Outerlimits, overlander, and 4wd monthly forums as they are good resources.

    Hope this helps.

    2003 Triumph Sprint ST
    1988 Troopy (about to be chopped in to an extra-cab)
  13. 4WD suxxors and gets in the way of bikes ... f*ck em all :p :p :p
  14. g'day brett. you're obviously a member of outerlimits as well. i'll be looking at getting a disco for towing purposes. let me know how you go with your search.
  15. If you want advice, go to www.exploroz.com.au they are very helpfull, already heaps of info on it. But first let me ask you a few questions:
    - WHY does it have to be a diesel ???
    - How much time will it spend on bitumen and how much in the bush???
    - What are your plans with it? Upgrades? mods? etc....

    If you are going for landrover, my opinion is: Get a defender if you want realy capable 4WD and if you are gonna be in the bush more than 70% of the time with it because they just suck on bitumen comfor, space , position wise etc. Just have a look at the latest Range rover, the KING of their range, how bush capable is that???? NONE!!!! Otherwise landcruiser or partol are the best options, heaps of parts etc.etc. landrover is too expensive considering if you are gonna use 4WD properly (in the bush and everywhere else) THINGS WILL BREAK. Example: Winch other 4WD out of the ditch for 5-6 times, you have a nice chance that your CV joint will pop etc. etc.
  16. Maybe in your case mate, but generally in 4WDs, I don't think so!!!! In the bush I'll rather take 60 series landcruiser than anything latest!!!