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OT- Know any good watering holes (swimming not drinking!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brett5141, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Hey Everyone

    With the warm weather all over us, i was wondering does anyone in Melbourne know any good watering holes??

    No i dont mean your favourite bar, i mean a nice lake or river where we can go to have a swim and cool down!

    I am living in the sth east suburbs so down this side would be great, looking forward to hearing some of everyones tips.


  2. the old hose does the trick 4 me. or riding naked mmm
  3. Harold Holt in Malvern and Prahran (groovy under water music too) are 50m outdoor pools.
  4. Yep.... Launching Place Rd, from Gembrook to Launching Place is now sealed,.... and it goes right past the swimming hole at the scout camp, approximately 6 -10k from Gemmie.
  5. Or a little further Glen Waverley Pool.
    Or further again the Dandenong Pool.
  6. lerderg gorge in bacchus marsh
  7. Actually, on the way back from the Blue Ribbon Ride, I saw people taking a dip in the upper reaches of the river flowing though Warburton.
    Looked very refreshing. :)
  8. It IS refreshing, a lovely spot for a dip, and it's covered by trees so you don't have to endure the sun's direct rays either!
  9. :?: :shock: :LOL:
  10. Urban took the words right out of my fingertips..

    Jumping creek reserve is a nice place for a river swim!
  11. What a crock of shit!!
    We use to always go down there on a hot day and swim. Bob's park was the best cause they always have a tarzan rope hanging from one of the trees :D
    They go way overboard with there health and safety nowadays IMHO.
    I prefer the good old days when you use to have to find out for yourself if the water was safe enough to swim in :p
  12. Hey that's really cool.
    I've ridden past there quite often. Didn't know what went on inside.
  13. I was out at Lysterfield park last week and it did not cost me anything to get in and the lake looked fairly inviting after a hot mountain bike ride.
  14. And the next line reads......

    So I just went in for a look, honest honey I didn't know it was a brothel. :LOL: