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OT - Help - need to retrieve some data from a crashed HDD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FondaHonda, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Hi all
    I know that this is both off topic and not motorcycle related but I thought I'd ask here as there are a few IT wizzes out there.
    I have a home PC with a HDD which recently crashed, with some files that I would like to recover (only an Outlook PST file,a few Word docs and Excel s'sheets).

    I can get this done professionally for quotes of $350 - $500; I'm not sure that the data is worth that sort of expense though.

    Can anyone suggest a person/company who may be able to assist me?
    I'm located in Melbourne.
    Thanks David.

  2. David we use a company in Sydney for the same service, and they also charge around $330, so the price is right.

    Have you tried making it a slave drive in your machine and seeing if it will read when you boot from a different drive? My wife's nearly new WD 120gb drive failed to boot several times last week, but DID read when not required to boot....

    Oh, and, you should have backed up those files, you know :p
  3. I can suggest wrapping it up in something (IE a HDD anti-static bag) and putting it in the freezer for an hour or two...

    Then as Paul suggested, put it in as a slave drive to retrieve the pst and other files, the PST is located (for XP default anyway) in;
    C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

    To see this directory you will need to allw viewing of hidden files and folders, by;
    In Explorer, click "Tools"->"Folder Options"
    Click "View" tab, click "Show hidden files and folders", click "OK"

    Hope all goes well :)
  4. LOL $330 to get data of your crashed HDD , Place near me does it for $45 , like paul said set it to be a slave , im sure you will be able to get it off it .
  5. half that price

    Assuming your computer still works, ie you have another startup disk DIY
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions and replies except for Hornets rather nasty comment that i should have a back up...well yes I am stupid but no need to rub it in.
    I have previously tried connecting as a slave drive to read it but this was unsuccessful...recognised the connected drive but couldnt access any of the files.
    Booga, What does the freezer treatment do?...I am happy to try it.
    ksystemz...what is the place near you called? Do you have the contact details and where it is located?
  7. umm im in sydney , its www.jw.com.au if you really neeed this , send it my way via post ill get it fixed then send back , what they do is put everything on a cd , even i could fix it for you , i recently fixed a crashed hdd for work , $330 is way to much to get stuff recoverd from ur hdd
  8. I didn't say you were stupid for not backing up, YOU did :p

    I wasn't having a cheap shot at you, it's just that we get asked these sorts of questions every day and that's the first question WE ask, and you just know what the answer almost always is!?!?
  9. paul you are right tho , you should back up your needed files , expesh on a buisness , my work lost over 1000 photos of homes for sale , now the salesman have to go out and re take the photos
  10. if i have time , i have 2 spare 20gig and 40gig drives here , gimme a few buck ill format them and you can use them for backup , also have a stick of 512ddr ram , prob swap for a nice jacket ha
  11. GetDataBack for NTFS and GetDataBack for FAT are excellent tools. They'll scan through a drive and recover every remaining readable byte, even if it takes days to do on a really damaged drive.

    It does cost, but I've had reason to crack it in the past and got it working fine. Where to get a crack from I can't remember, but I'm sure you'll figure something out.
  12. +1

    The other thing you need to find out is this:

    Were the platters damaged in the crash? If so, you're looking at $10K to get the data recovered.

    I've used GetDataBack for NTFS when I lost nothing short of 64Gb of data. It works okay, I didn't get a heck of a lot back (videos, photos and the like. My music was pretty alright, though), but it was better than nothing.
  13. look into a program called 'file scavenger' my hdd died a couple of yrs back i used this program and was able to retrive all my stuff.

    but it really depends on the actualy cause of the problem..

    good luck