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OT: Friday night coffee just got more interesting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Eswen - there's a reference to you at the end!

  2. Women naked = good
    Men naked = bad
  3. The judge's family tree makes interesting reading, perhaps that's why he made the judgment he did.
  4. Your point is concise and correct, however it fails to take into account the fact that mooning is excellent fun and often received in the jocular spirit in which it is performed.

    A notable exception to this was ex-footy player Brad Hardy, who booted my brother upon his exposed buttock when we were much younger. However I feel this was understandable as my brother had stood in the middle of an oval that Hardy was jogging around, dropped trou and slowly rotated as Hardy circled the oval for at least two laps. Surely the sentiment would have been put across just as strongly but in a more friendly and humorous manner by a typical brief flash of the browneye.
  5. hey my neighbour mooned me the other day, lucky I didn't mistake him for a bike rack and shove my front wheel in there... :LOL: :LOL:
  6. for wearing a g-string at the beach or for being a jerk?

    PS who wants to go to the beach tomorrow?
  7. Um the jerk thing actually.

    /Just jerkin' yer string.

  8. pfft they were talking bout a male neibougr... so i think more likely they were talking about you. :p
  9. eeeeeeeeekkkkk. could you imagine a bunch of netriders at friday night coffee wearing g-strings.

    I have this image of Glen in my head and it's not pretty. I think I'll never be able to get an erection ever again.
  10. What is really worrying, is that your mind even drifted in that direction regarding Glen. :shock: :p
  11. ew I think i might burn all my gstrings now.
  12. I think I'll just shoot myself in the head
  13. Nah, dress up as a g-string and hide in Eswen's underwear drawer. 2 birds, one stone...
  14. I can understand eswin fantasisying agbout me , but pete the pom , thats worrying mate :LOL:
  15. I reckon that deserves a blue card for making the rest of us SICK