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OT First dogs and cats now Company requires RFID injection

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by helina handbasket, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Two employees have been injected with RFID chips this week as part of a new requirement to access their company's datacenter.

    Cincinnati based surveillance company CityWatcher.com created the policy with the hopes of increasing security in the datacenter where video surveillance tapes are stored. In the past, employees accessed the room with an RFID tag which hung from their keychains, however under the new regulations an implantable, glass encapsulated RFID tag from VeriChip must be injected into the bicep to gain access, a release from spychips.com said on Thursday.

    Although the company does not require the microchips be implanted to maintain employment, anyone without one will not be able to access the datacenter, according to a Register article.

  2. And people thought Big Brother was just Grettle Kileen (?sp) showing us the insides of her nostrils.
  3. FFS... What on earth are they thinking?
    People talk Bio as teh security solution (or RF tags in teh same sence)
    If someone wants to break into a security firm, it is not to steal some copy paper and loose change, they have something serios in mind.
    If you are the poor employee the decide will be used to get them in and they know you have a security chip in the back of the neck. What are they likely to do? say "Oh this nut is to tough to crack" and walk away, or take a knife to the back of your neck?
    As an employee I'd be saying screw that.
  4. Woolies over here has a similar system. This is at their head offices, not the stores.

    All employees have an RFID in their ID cards that they are required to carry while in the office. And the system tracks exactly where they are at all times and alerts security if they are in a secure area.

    Seems totally stupid to me, if I wanted to go to a secure area, I'd just walk there without the rf ID chip in.
  5. Id happily RFID myself, but only for personel use where I controled it for only purposes I choose.
    Like unlocking my house, bike, even for admining the the computers at work so long as I controled the system.

    But not with someone else in control of the system, then they can spy on you. Give an inch, take a mile, soon they are tracking how many sheets of toilet paper you use etc.
  6. I used a prox card when I was a lockup guard at the then National Mutual.

    I got sick of carrying it so I unpicked my tie and sewed it into the tie. Fixed one end with velcro so I could remove it when washing the tie.

    Never forgot the card and never had to fumble with it.

  7. Yep, I can see it now. "Hey employee X, we pay you for a 40 hour week. Now, you spent 2.5 hours in the toilet during the week, so you can either work the extra time, or we can dock your pay....'
    Isn't it funny how employers want reliable, career staff, but shit on them at any opportunity? If you want loyalty and respect from your employees, treat them with respect and trust them......ultimately, if you think you can't trust anyone, you may as well shut the doors.

    Regards, Andrew
  8. Sif they won't just copy the RFID tag, just like poeple get their keys taken. Hack the Planet!
  9. the book of revelations is beginning to take shape.
  10. There is a significant difference between an employee having to carry an RFID card as a condition of employment and having one implanted.

    Implanting chips in peoples bodies for control of movenment purposes is verging on human rights abuse!
  11. The problem is, some employees will see nothing wrong with it and proceed, thus putting pressure on others.....