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(OT) EBAY: One for the lounge room wall...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. I don't know quite what to make of this...

    Great painting though. Quite a likeness.

  2. Ya know, i just dont think it'll go with my couch... otherwise it'd be great :?
  3. HEY! You all wanna get brand new bikes this year - i got this plan, why dont all the guys who have 600cc+ bikes all fly to Bali, strap heaps of smack to your bodies and bring it back here where all the 250cc riders will sell it to Junkie nobs ? Good plan eh?

    Sometimes i feel sorry for these nubs until i remember how fcuking stupid they all are....
  4. I love the description

    "Ready to hang"
  5. They should hang replicas of this in every airport in Australia, to remind the morons who think there's a quick and easy path to wealth, that there isn't.....
  6. Yeah..$500 bucks. Riiigghhtttt. Oh, look 0 bids - what a surprise.
  7. Hey why not collect the whole set of 9 :shock: bids on main players must be lodged before judgment day :p
  8. I reckon she'd be a bit of a goer.
  9. Probably still wouldn't work.

    What morons would traffic drugs into a country that has capital punishment as a sentence for such a crime?
  10. I'll give em 10 bucks for it...
  11. “Renae” (2006)

    by DT Nash (born Luton, England, 1974 - currently based in Melbourne, Australia).

    This is an original acrylic painting on a 45cm x 60cm stretched canvas panel.
    Ready to hang - no frame needed unless desired.

    Didn't they say something about already being framed
  12. Hideous comes to mind.. :shock: