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OT: Does anyone use Tiger (Mac OSX)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. heya, i know it's a long shot but someone on here must use a mac right?

    i'm currently trying to convince our IT department that i need Tiger (as opposed to wanting it). i do work as a grahic designer and am currently using a Dual Processor G5 with 3GB RAM blah blah blah.

    the only real reason i can cite for needing to upgrade is the new version of fontbook that comes bundled with it - it's apparently far more stable than it's predecessor.

    any suggestions to assist my mission of manipulation will be greatly appreciated :)

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  3. Tiger is a good OS but because of it still being new there are a few niggles that need sorting. Other than that i've heard nothing but good reports from our IT department, graphic designers, teachers and the printery.
  4. "Because Tiger is cool" ?

    Anyway, If you're running the latest 10.3, i don't see too much reason to pay for an upgrade (if it's free, then by all means). Dashboard isn't all that useful, and I can't say i use spotlight all that much. The only thing that would (well, i did upgrade, but it didn't cost anything) compel me to upgrade is that under 10.4, cmd-tab'ing to X11 raises all windows, as you'd expect. under 10.3, it didnt raise them.

  5. Tell 'em it'll be a crap-load cheaper than buying the new Intel chip machines :grin:
  6. I'd stay away from Tiger for a while....I work on Macs everyday and most companies who have upgraded to this OS have had problems with fonts.

    They were using Suitcase though, but I'd still wait for a bit.

    Font reserve seems pretty stable and works well loading from the server.
  7. I use Tiger on my HD powerbook. It came with it, and this is My First Mac, so I can't really compare to older versions of OS X, but the fact that newer versions of QuickSilver need Tiger, I think.

    Using a computer without QS is like having both thumbs amputated.

  8. I upgraded my mini from Panther to Tiger... but to be honest there isn't anything much in it extra that I use.

    The widgets calculator is about it :)
  9. The main doffernce between tiger, better use of RAM for buffering large files. Tiger also has a far better way of usung the 2 chips thus making things more efficient. With the coming of the intel chips staying at the back of the Q will on cost more in the end.
    With the new networking and security updates for 10.4.4 its ALOT safer and streamlined for efficiency and less likely to lose stuff or get corrup files.

    Thats the lamen answer.......
    I use a dual 2ghz 4gb ram....550gb storage.
    I write music and film for work.
  10. if your running a G5 you probably should get it, you have 64 bit processors might as well use a 64 bit OS :-k , i like it more than panther (does panther have keychain?) but that might be just the widgets talking http://img5.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture15pg.jpg :LOL:
  11. Java works better under Tiger too.

    I normally recommend that all our staff put in Mac AMP with orders. For us (education) it's only around $104 for 3 years of updates depending on the hardware being purchased.

    What I normally tell management is that Tiger isn't just an upgrade but an update including bug fixes etc. Most of them don't get the idea that it's not Windows with 50 million fixes every day and that major updates/enhancements cost money.

    As it's still a relatively new OS, the OS still needs to be updated and bugs fixed.
  12. Tiger does run smoother and slightly quicker on this ibook g4.
    It also seems to be fairly crashproof and I love the widgets.
  13. I find Tiger to be the best OS X so far. Not for the pretty stuff but the back end. Seem to run a hell of a lot smother with Powerbook and G4's. But what I like best with the back end is its so much easier to coexist with other OS on a corporate network.


  14. what's QS? never used it... do i need it? had a look at the website, it tells me FA.
  15. Quicksilver is basically a launcher.

    What you do is press ctrl-space, and you start typing what you want to launch.

    Say you want to start firefox. Just press ctrl-space, start typing " f i r" and it will show you a list of matches as you type. Pick one, and it will launch it. It also uses adaptive matching, so more frequently selected matches come to the top.

    It can also be used for look for documents and folders..cut down time you spend wading around in finder.

    Also does a few other things... control itunes... run shell commands, that kinda stuff.

    If you don't have tiger, get one of the earlier betas and give it a go. Trust me, I think you'll love it.
  16. spotlight does something similar
  17. Yes. Spotlight is similar, but QS is faster (like instant response) and it does a whole lot more. It's like spotlight on steroids. (but without the shrunken testicles :D)