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OT - comet mission a success!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by russ, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. :D yep, finally a successful mission. will have interesting results too.

    PASADENA, Calif. - A NASA probe smashed into its comet target late Sunday, setting off a spectacular fireworks show that scientists hoped would provide new insights into the origins of the solar system.

    The Deep Impact mission’s “Flyby” mothership had sent out a 820-pound (373-kilogram) copper-sheathed “Impactor” probe a day earlier to intercept Tempel 1, a pickle-shaped comet half the size of Manhattan. Impactor hit the lower end of the comet as scheduled, at about 10:52 p.m. PT Sunday (1:52 a.m. ET Monday).


  2. This is like an astrology/astronmer geeks grand final!!! :D

    I hope they get some interesting results.
  3. I reckon theres gonna be bugs, lotsa bugs crawling out the hole.
  4. Fancy flying all that way just to smack into a rock ..
  5. and theyre gonna be pissed - because this time... it's personal :LOL:
  6. Fancy flying all that way to crash into a PICKLE!!!
    There's a deli down the road where they could of done that for free!
  7. yes but could they spend $3 billion dollars trying? :LOL:

    The whole thing reminds me of when I was I kid and I'd spend a whole day perfecting a slingshot or glove gun just so I could shoot inanimate objects. I didn't achieve much, but damn it was fun to hit stuff. :)
  8. A bit like Mythbusters really. Just an excuse to find ways of blowing things up.
  9. They could have at least thrown a honda at it... and not wasted a perfectly good 'copper-sheathed “Impactor” probe' :)
  10. bad side effect though, would have made honda's usefull for something
  11. Both your beds will be infested with camel fleas . :wink:
  12. I thought they already WERE.
  13. They'll probably knock it out of its orbit and put it in Earth's path.

    Then they'll have to send a bunch of deep sea oil riggers to drill a hole into it and place a nuclear device within it to blow it apart.

    uh, nuthing...
  14. News flash - 3rd planet launches unprovoked attack on peaceful Kuiper Belt object!

    The inhabitants of Tempel 1 were today recovering from a devastating assault on their beloved homeland. Shaking with barely-suppressed rage, Supreme Leader Zerg XIII vowed to wreak a terrible vengeance on the 3rd rock from the sun, and ordered his forces to commence immediate retaliatory action.

    Meanwhile, excavations are underway to determine the nature of the object used in the attack. Early indications suggest it could be an item of primitive metal furniture. So far experts are baffled...(etc). :roll:
  15. The yanks are shooting big copper jacketed bullets at remote rocks :roll:

    Why, do they think that's wher Bin Laden is hiding? :?

  16. I remember years ago , U.S scientist recreated the BIG BANG . It wasn't until after the test was successful that they admitted not knowing what would happen if it failed . :?
  17. it killed NASA , now all we need to do is line a comet up for spring street