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OT car trouble

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by roundabout, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. my gf's car (suzuki sierra, so small its practically a motorcycle) has had a leaking radiator for a while. doesn't bother us as we top it up daily. Unfortunately the temp gauge doesn’t work as I haven’t gotten around to replacing the fuse. anyway someone else drove it for a few days and didn't top up the water. the next time we went out we didn't check as the engine was already running, but as we drove it started revving really high at idle (2.5k rpm and we normally only ever rev to 3k which equates to 90km/h on the highway) and making a bizarre winning sound. we stopped and checked the radiator found it and the reservoir to be completely dry. Now the engine does not seem to have lost any power but it still revs at about 2k once it warms up, instead of its previous 800 to 1k. It may also have gone through half of its oil as it was pretty low when I checked this morning. I haven’t checked for ages and haven’t noticed any smoke so it may have just been low anyway.

    Can anyone tell me what might be going on? Have we cooked the car or is the revving (and possibly oil) business independent? Are there any signs I could look for to determine how well done the car is?

  2. time for a trip the mechanics. Using oil and water are serious issues and not like solved by the untrained.
  3. the water is/was nothing to worry about, small leak, keep it topped up daily or every second day, but i'm not sure about everything since it was allowed to run dry.
  4. If it still runs you haven't cooked it. A fully cooked motor has it's pistons friction welded to the bores, never to run again.

    But, if you have to top the rad every day, and it has used a lot of oil and you're not mechanically inclined........take it to the mech before something expensive fails as a result of the oil/water situation, which may not cost too much to fix.
  5. what about a partly cooked motor? could the high revving be it trying to build pressure or something (i.e. cracked seals or something?)

    i really don't want to take it to the mechanic as i am hoping to give the car to someone in 5 weeks, but i don't want to give them a broken car (well more broken than it actually is)
  6. Overheating a motor can (in extreme cases) cause the lighter components of the engine oil to boil out resulting in it thickening. Not entirely sure how this would increase idle RPM (if at all) but I would certainly try giving it an oil change and seeing if it has any effect.
  7. my ex trouble and strife had one of these , they have an alloy block , which she decided to drive dry one day and ended up cracking the block . check your oil is it milky looking ? or are there any signs of milkyness in the rediator ?
  8. checked the oil this morning, typical in need of a change black oil and the water was clear with a slight rust tinge
  9. this water leak you have is its source visible have you seen where its leaking from ?
  10. Turn the idle screw to lower the revs?
  11. this'll sound dumb, but i have never looked. the mechanic said it wasn't worth fixing cause the car is so crap anyway. i really should find the leak and seal it
  12. yeah good start but the water leak and its path are the real problem if its internal there may be no point worrying because it may cost more than the car is worth to repair it .... like vic said adjust the idle screw ( i think its on the drivers side angled towards the firewall )and as long as you can keep it running keep driving it .... replacement engines from the wreckers are fairly hexie for these too either way your looking at 1000 bucks plus to get it sorted
  13. thanks everyone, i'll adjust the idle and possibly fix the leak and see what that does. i don't really want to spend the money to change the oil as its only four weeks the car has to last. but i would still like to work out if the car is worth giving to someone, but i guess i'll have to take it to a mechanic for that.
  14. is it insured ??? :shock:
  15. nope
  16. bugger i was gonna say , .... well i wont say it :wink: