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OT Browser Enhancement

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. When Vista ships sometime next year (oh yeah???) it will feature a tabbed browser, IE7
    You can get that functionality, with no spyware, and a single-window memory footprint, right now.
    www.crazybrowser.com is a tabbed browser front end for IE and once you've used it for a few days you'll be looking for its great functionality when you sit down at a computer without it.
    (If firefox has this already, please don't come back and tell me, this is not an either/or post, just a suggestion for people who, like the majority of computer users, use the majority platform....)

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  3. I vote the FOX!


    /Mozieing along...
  4. 1 warning, Jason, for not reading the post :LOL:
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  6. IE is full of security holes.... a front end simply puts a happy face on it.... same issues inthe background though.

    Firefox does have issues (only a fool would say it doesn't) BUT it has a LOT less than IE. and it already does what the new IE is going to do.

    only real issue is Joe average has only ever seen OE and is scared/afraid/unsure of anything else...... it's a learning curve issue.
  7. crazybrowser is old news. it uses up more memory than mozilla (from memory :LOL:)
    mozilla rocks!
    Im not a huge fan of firefox, mozilla is better but firefox is ok.
  8. Your threadjack topic, ladies and gentlemen, is:

    "The many benefits and pleasures of browsing with FireFox."


    /never looked back, not once, never.
  9. i never used IE (first used the web with good old netscape in about 1994/5)..... only use it when site don't work with other browsers..... I have a client who will do you physical harm if you say IE is good anywear near him. It stuffs up his online shop pages... every other browser we can find loads and runs them and prints them ok. IE can't work out how to print the pages..... we shut it down after it had spooled 800 pages. It prints 3 pages in every other browser...
  10. Drew is totally correct... IE is a serious security risk.

    Hornet600 you seriously should consider using a different browser (as should anyone still using IE).

    Firefox is a good alternative.
    Mozilla is a good alternative.
    Opera (now totally free as well) is also a good alternative.
  11. This IE you speak of, what is it? I thought there were only two browsers, Firefox and Konquerer...

  12. Since leaving high school I have not kept up to date with all the computer mumbo jumbo. Didn't even know about risks with IE. Like most people I just assumed that its Microsoft so must be pretty good. Just downloaded firefox and some add ons and will be installing that when I get home tonight.

    Cheers for the info peoples :)
  13. Ahh a felloe LInux user i see?? Konquerer is ok.. but i still prefer Firefox.

    Thank god you can't get IE for 'nix...... would be the end of all that is sacred...
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    joke of the day that one!!!

    opossite is in fact true..... if it's Micro$oft, it's Shyte!!!

    only use it so i can deal with clients systems....... Linux all the way at home......
  15. *cough* http://randomfire.fierymill.net/archives/2005/04/14/more-internet-explorer-on-linux/


    nix user since '90 here
  16. So if none of my many machines has never fallen over using IE, never had a virus, if my personel details have not been hijacked by some Nigerian banking gremlin, where are the problems?
  17. noooooo it can't be........

    beyond the common user though to get it to work.....

    using 'nix since uni 1996....
  18. *NOT YET*

  19. Not yet? I've been on the 'Net since around 1997, surely if it was going to happen it would have? Or are we just talking about POTENTIAL problems???
  20. Then you are a lucky one Hornet!!! buy a lotto ticket quick!

    the majortiy of virusan assorted nasties on the net are designed to attack one of 3 things.

    Anything Microsft
    Specifically Outlook (Outbreak as it's called around the office)
    Specifically IE

    Ruducing the number of these you use...... potentially decreased the chances of getting whacked

    hence i use Linux and firefox with open office and am mostly fine.... my MS machine i use at home when needed has Windows open office and Firefox. I like MS to be displayed as little as possoble in my systems.

    I could go on for ages on this.... but i'l stop here. theres planty of info out on the web..... oh yeah.... Firefox is better than IE to look at it with :D