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[OT] Best books to buy chicks for christmas?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. A guy in the office here is trying to work out a good book to buy a chick... I told him "beeline it for the Celestine Prophecy section if you can fight off the other shoppers" but he wants other options...

    Any ideas?
  2. "Up the Duff" :LOL:
  3. be a little more specific on the ladies tastes??

    Horoscope stuff?
    Whys it gotta be a book? get her a bras and things gift voucher :p
  4. Kama Sutra, hand it over with a sly wink.
  5. I like:

    "Understanding that you husband needs to ride on a regular basis"


    "The Joy of Silence"

  6. BWAHAHA but you should change husband to better half!!
  7. Nah mate - I'm hoping the wife will log on and read it! :LOL:
  8. hahaha, i like the way your mind works!
  9. You could suggest Jodi Piccult or Val McDermod, my partner loves both of those authors, very Oprah's Book Club stuff.
  10. Pride and Prejudice, and give it with the DVD of the last-but-one BBC film version. She'll watch it a million times.
  11. I read this post and thought I'd better check what my wife bought from me for her for Christmas.... I giving Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (apparently). My wife also has every Patricia Cornwall book (really groosome forensic stuff).
  12. Oh and I bought some DVD's, Some 'Happy Tree Friends' cartoons (MA15+ so not for kids) and the Little Britain Series 2.
  13. What about a subscription to two wheels !! :D
  14. Head into ClubX and grab her a few copies of 'Sandwich' :LOL:
  15. well it really depends on the ladies tastes. if my boyfriend bought me a book on bikes/gaming/fords/guitars I'd be absolutely STOKED. buy these gifts for another woman and she'd think you're wierd.

    I did see a book recently called "That bastard on the couch - understanding why men won't do what you want" whihc might be good & funny.
  16. "Some day, I'll have money" by George Frew. How Now Press. Absolutely fascinating. 8)
    Especially the chapter entitled "Away with the Pixies". :shock:
  17. zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
  18. i recently got the ewan mcgregor book "the long way round" picture version. its pretty good as it has photos of the trip as you read along in a hard cover.

    it was 20% off at angus and robinson.

    will post up a review of the book afterwards