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OT. Any Firies out there? Advice needed.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by YammyChick, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering if there are any MFB (Metropolitan Fire Brigade) members out there? I've applied for the Melb Firies and would love any info or advice that would help get me through.

    First exams start next month and I've started studying again, which really hurts after many years!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. G'Day Tina,

    Have you considerred being an Airport Firie. I have been one for nearly 20years now, Look up the web WWW.Airservicesaustralia.com and look for ARFF. Thats aviation rescue firefighting. Theres a recruit course starting next week which u have missed obviously, but the next is in August. The site will explain everything, wages, conditions, entry requirements etc. There are 17 airports that our mob covers, including Melb if thats your bag, so theres the possibility of working anywhere in Oz. I'm at Brisbane now, but worked at Cairns for 2 years, 90-92. Any problems or any questions give me a shout, I can even give u a contact in Cairns if u like. He rides a Harley, but I still talk to him.

  3. I'll try and get in touch with the firies I know to see if they have any advice. I know one is away at the moment though but I'll see what I can do.

    You might want to have a look at the study options available at Swinburne. They have a Certificate IV in Fire Technology.

    Knowing about it might help at an interview - it means you've done some research on the subject.

    They have a lot of stuff in their library as well - here -you can go in and use the resources there without being a student. (If you have trouble let me know - I have contacts at Swinburne :LOL: ) and you may be able to get stuff on an interlibrary loan as well.

    The more you know if you crack an interview the better off you are...

  4. Thanks heaps W.O.R and TonyE, I'll definately check all of those things out. Unfortunately being all the way up here in Cairns the Fire Technology studies are a bit of a problem. Every bit counts tho hey! I have my recreational qualification for Vertical rescue and am an Instructor in Industrial Vertical Rescue, plus a heap of other height related tickets so I'm hoping that gives me extra points. :)

    The first exam is in Feb, so will be heading down to Melb again to hopefully get the process started. Mean while I'll be checking out that library and absorb as much as I can!

    thanks again! :grin:
  5. Process from memory was that we had 3 written examinations
    (about 3hrs)

    : mathematical,
    : grammer &
    : personality questionaire

    you do well there & you go on to do a physical assesment.
    make sure you start doing alot of running & situps for that one
    esp if its summer bc its bloody hard. out of 20, only 3 of us
    passed the shuttle run. practice running with weights as well
    bc the dummy u have to carry & run with gets pretty heavy
    after a few mins

    pass that, you go onto do a group assessment where u have to
    complete set tasks with others in your group. they look to see
    how u interact & being able to think outside the square to come
    to get a solution

    pass that, & next step is a detailed interview,

    pass that, they then do a background check

    pass that, they then take evaluate each step of the selection process
    & if youre cream of the top u then get offered a postion
  6. I've been training like a mad man for months, following all of their recommendations to get through the process. I've visited a few stations when I was in Melb last. Hope to visit more when I come down again. Do you know if the shuttle run is indoors or outdoors?
  7. mine was outdoor. was bloody hot that day as well.
    never pushed my body so hard b4. when it was over
    i fell to the ground & couldnt get up for ages. thats how
    spent i was, so yeh, ya gotta be very fit. other physical
    tasks are easy in comparison.

    only other time ive pushed myself so hard was when i
    trained for the gladiators 10yrs ago

    had to do situps non stop for coupla mins; u then have to
    climb to the top of a tower & pull a load up by hand. then
    you gotta carry a dummy on ya shoulders & finish the
    course within the time limit

    was all done outdoor. may be indoors these days..

    the dummy run would def be outdoors
  8. I went through last year and got down to the final 100 of which they took 36. I was told the only reason I missed out was because of the business I own. (They worried it would interfere with my commitment)

    The process was started with the initial test which was a standard type IQ test followed by a 20 min mechanical aptitude test (very hard).
    Approx 2500 sat this. I think they took 600 through to the next stage.

    The next stage was group interviews. They consited of 10 people in an interview together covering different things. Firstly you had to interview one of the other members and then introduce them.
    After this you had 20 min to write a 5 min presentation on a random topic on which they give you some information (I think mine was on gas heater safety in the house). You then have to give the presentation.
    There is then a group problem to solve and then a group discussion on an emergency.
    They selected about 120 people to go through to the next stage - the physical.

    The physical starts with the shuttle run, not hard if you have a bit of training. Try and find a copy and practice a bit. Only a couple failed this.
    The other physical is the Firey related stuff. Dragging a hose, climbing 6 floors with a 25 kg hose, dragging an 80kg dummy through a pretend house. Not too hard but can be a bit tricky for the ladies as they dont adjust the weight.

    If you get through this (I think about 20 failed)
    then its the pannel interview. This starts off with a 20 min session of writting down as much as you know about the MFB followed by a very tough interview with 3 officers.

    Hope that helps a bit. Feel free to PM me if you would like any more help or details.

    When I was waiting for the interviews, a lot of people were on there 2 or 3rd time through. After the interviews you can ring up and ask where you went wrong to help for the next time around. Happy to share it with you if you like


  9. Looks like the process has only change a little over the yrs.
    Thanx for that Timbo

    Very competitive to become a brigade officer.

    Pays not bad as well & it comes with an annual pay increase
    still i presume.
  10. I spoken to a few people about his now and am getting some very handy tips. Thanks all.. I'm now sufficiently terrified!!! :shock: :grin: My main concern is the shuttle run. I have a copy and have started distance running, but how far is far enough?

    Thanks for the info Timbo, I may PM you and pick your brains too!!

  11. I prepared for it by actually practising it.

    Set up cones 20-25mtrs apart, or use something like
    2 power poles as reference points.

    slowly jog b/w the 2 points & every coupla of mins
    increase your speed (decreasing the time it takes to
    reach other side).

    Once you got the heart rate up & puffing, start really
    pushing yourself & running as fast as you can to
    other side, stopping & having stamina to quickly pick
    up speed again.
  12. mix that up with going for jogs & building up your time running
    to increase fitness :wink:

    once youve done ya 1/2hr run, finish it off with sets of sit ups
    & pushups :)
  13. Thanks Kishy, I might try that. I seem to have hit some sort of fitness wall at the moment.
  14. When that happens theres a number of things u can do to
    break thru that wall

    - have a short break from training
    - different exercise routine
    - intensify routines & reducing rest times
    - chng times u train as well

    i used any or combination of the above.

    i trained 2hrs a day for 10yrs so it was a hurdle u have to overcome
    all the time
  15. Hi Tina,

    I'm an aviation firefighter as Wornoutracer is too, however in the Air Force. All the best with your path to become a firie, it's certainly a great job, and MFB are a good service. I have had a few colleagues take up positions with them too.

    I'm uncertain of what their entry requirements are, and I don't intend to be unfair or sexist either way, but it may actually be an advantage being female with todays equal opportunity policies.... certain brigades know from recruitment the percentage of females they will be looking for, and due to the lower number of female applicants, you may well have a much higher chance of getting in.

    If you don't, I suggest this. TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME!! I have seen some superb people knocked back employment, only to breeze through it again next time. Had me wondering if they did it on purpose to see how keen the member was to gain employment.

    But why do you want to go to Melbourne?? ;) (TIC)
  16. I think not having a set of dangly bits will help my chances a little, but I try not to look at it that way!

    Why Melb? I grew up in Melb, have been gone from there about 12 years. My family is still there. Just had that feel of wanting to get back home again. It was a choice of choosing Queensland Fire & Rescue & MFB, and decided on MFB.

    Plus I miss the awesome coffee you only seem to find in Melbourne!!! :p :wink:
  17. Hi Again Yammygirl,
    Have u tried to borrow a copy of the shuttle run cd? (And get a cd before a tape because a tape can run slow, a cd can't.) Try the fireys down in Aumuller st (I will try to PM u a name or two) also the Airport fireys may have a cd u could borrow. The Airport shuttle is run out doors, the QFRS is run in doors. I passed the shuttle run at age 45 and i'm not very fit, the secret is just to keep going, only listen to the beeps NOT the stages as they ARE NOT consistant (Example, stage 7 -2 was followed by stage 7-5 I think) not sure but i do remember an inconsistancy and the end comes sooner than u think, just keep going! When i did mine there were people pulled out gasping for breathe, when all they had to do was grab one more breathe and fall another 20metres. Sounds simplistic but when they realised that it was the last leg they goofed on they spat.
  18. Yammygirl,
    Remember that Melbourne has a airport too!